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The crystals measure on average between 6mm by 6mm to 10mm by 10mm. Please take note of the size, they are small but perfectly formed and ideal for some applications or perhaps creating a charm kit or bag.

Single stones or crystals can be great for energy work with the chakras, as in chakra healing, and aura color alignment and aura balancing.
Single stones or crystals can add metaphysical energy to your feng shui fountains, or any other water fountain. As the water passes over the rock, the metaphysical energy of the crystal is released into the atmosphere. This can be used for healing, stress reduction, prosperity, love, you name it. The stone makes the difference.
You can break the crystals or stones up into a powder and blend the powder in with your incense, to empower the incense with the stones quality.
You can charge your stone with intent, and carry it, to help you to manifest certain qualities, like health, prosperity, or love.
You can add gemstones to oils that you wear, to help infuse the oils with the stones metaphysical & magical powers.
You can add stones to your dream pillows, & sachets.
You can take a stone with you into your bathtub, to impart the quality of the stone to your Magickal Bath.
You are only limited by your imagination and our gemstone selection!
Many magick spells can call for a particular rock or crystal. In magick spellcrafting, you may need to sleep with it under your pillow, use it in a bath, place it in the center of some special colored candles, place it on your altar, or even meditate with it.


This mesmerizing, manmade gemstone can be viewed as flashy or elegant, depending on how you use it. Goldstone is manmade glass with tiny copper dots visible throughout the stone. A special process is needed to create the stone's metallic gleam. Copper salts are added to brown (or whatever color) liquid glass. The mass of glass is then held at a specific temperature for a length of time, and then the entire mass is allowed to cool. As the glass cools, the salts turn into copper crystals, givi
br />br />br />br />br />g the stone that unique sparkle. Goldstone is often mistaken for sunstone, a feldspar. Goldstone reportedly originated with monks trying to make gold out of other materials (alchemy). The secret was kept for years until the Chinese, it is said, discovered how to make the gemstone. Nowadays, the best examples come from China, instead of Italy and Austria. Because of its origins in the monastery, goldstone is used frequently in religious (especially Catholic) jewelry.

Goldstone is believed to store the energy of those who touch it, making it an excellent gift for loved ones who are far away. It is also considered a good deflector of unwanted energies, and is highly regarded in the spirit realm as a protection mineral. Mystics use it as a nervous-system stimulant to enhance transmission of healing energies from the hands; therefore it is used for long-distance healing. The copper within goldstone makes it extremely helpful in the areas of inflammation and increasing one’s blood flow. It is believed to be a powerful energy generator.







Goldstone will generate positive energies whilst deflecting negative ones and contains the exact metaphysical properties of copper and also pyrite even though it is a manmade glass which contains pyrite flakes. It was originally created by French monks hundreds of years ago for healing and protection on all physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It places a powerful barrier of protection around the aura and greatly increases energy, it is said to ward off all forms of negativity. It is very useful when treating arthritic pain and will strengthen the circulatory system and will also strengthen bones. It is ofetn used as an amulet to ward off evil and negative energies and is also said to be protective of travellers. Goldstone will also enhance psychic awareness and it resonates with the energies of the higher planes so is excellent for contacting angels and guardian spirits.


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