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Amethyst Bracelet New Crystal Healing 16Mm

Amethyst Bracelet New Crystal Healing 16Mm

 A huge genuine Amethyst braceletThe bracelet is elasticated so one size fits all The spheres are 16mm...
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Reviewed by Akiko Abe from N/A on August 25, 2008
I love this bracelet for its very deep divine purple and healing vibration. The colour is equally deep among beads and I think it is fantastic. This is one of the best for those who love amethyst and prefer its colour deeper. The colour reminds me of Kyoho grape, a tasty bluish red grape. As crystals, the stones of this bracelet have good clarity and it looks natural, although this feature is not so seen under room light because the colour is strong. Also this clarity is even among stones, which is good.
What I would like to emphasise is that I can feel its vibration quite strong when I wear. It is very active and resounding like touching a musical instrument on my writst. I recommend this one for your healing practice as well as wearing as a big-bead bracelet.
One more good thing, the string of this bracelet is same purple coloured elastic band and I love this wit of the maker.
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