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Tanzine Aura Wire Wrapped Sculpted Gemstone / Crystal Pendant

Tanzine Aura Wire Wrapped Sculpted Gemstone / Crystal Pendant

An expertly crafted pendant, utilising anti-tarnish silver plate wire, encapsulating Tanzine Aura. Each one features...

Pretty Pendant, but gem stone too small. 3
By Katie on
It's probably my fault, but when I ordered this pendant, I understood that the actual stone was 25 mm across the top. It turns out, it is the silver wire wrapping that was taken into consideration, not the stone itself. I expected the gem stone to be the size mentioned, even though I had taken the bale into account. I have decided to keep the pendant, as I don't want the hassle of asking The Gem Tree if I can return the item. I should have realised the measurements included the silver wire wrapping.
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