Gemstone Elixirs

 Gem elixirs are liquid preparations made from gemstones. They are prepared by placing the stones in water in a bowl of clear glass in sunlight for several hours and when the water that has been 'charged' by the gem stone is filtered off and preserved with alcohol.

The dosage used is ten drops twice a day for a month. If need be repeat the dosage more frequently, for example, five drops four times a day.

The length of treatment can be several months and you may have to change the elixirs monthly. However, the person taking them usually makes quite considerable progress in a month.

After treatment for a negative aspect of an emotional problem say, treatment is then required for enhancing a positive aspect of that same or a different emotion. Gem elixirs can also help you to achieve your aims and purposes in life.

The electromagnetic vibration specific to the stone is transferred to the water during the preparation of the gem

elixir. This electromagnetic vibration in the water then alters electromagnetic vibrations that have become out of alignment back to their proper values on ingestion into the human body.

Gem elixirs can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment without interfering with that treatment.

Each Elixir is supplied in a glass bottle with a glass pipette dropper for easy measurements.

There are two sizes available

10ml £3.50 & 30ml£4.75

I keep very few of these Elixirs at the shop because I like to keep them at home, free from any energies that may contaminate the bottles. This insures you receive the very best quality Elixir.

Indications for the use of Gem Elixirs


For those who have excessive anxiety and fear for others.


For fear of emotional expression.


For help with social inadequacy.


For those in despair who need relief of some sort.


For those who strongly resist any interference with their freedom to make their own decisions and plans.


For over-enthusiasm, tenseness, stresses and strain.


For overcoming feelings of helplessness.


For mental rigidity, high-mindedness, pride and aloofness.


For those unable to control their own reality.


For low self-esteem

Black Onyx

For those unable to confront their emotions. For frustration with the slow development of events.

Black Tourmaline

For restlessness through a need to be more causative.


For those who demand unquestioning affection.

Blue Lace Agate

For hatred of others and suspicion.


For feelings of emotional confinement. For the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals.


For those stuck in an over-organised life routine.


For arrogance and egotism.


For lack of resourcefulness. For fear of failure.


For those who deny themselves emotionally.

Green Tourmaline

For those who set themselves idealistic but illusory goals with resulting disappointment.


For fear of emotional hostility from others.


For feelings of defencelessness.

Herkimer Diamond

For inability to achieve goals. A receiver of conditional love.


For those who require help in being realistic about their ideals. For becoming the practical mystic.


For tension arising from frustration. For those whose relationships rarely meet expectations.


For emotional insecurity. For disappointment at the non-fulfilment of hopes.

Mahogany Obsidian

For those seeking an unrealistic perfection in their sex life.


For those striving too hard to control their reality.


For inability to make decisions, lack of confidence.


For those who feel threatened by their environment. For the reckless spending of money.

Moss Agate

For repressed sexual feelings.


For those overwhelmed by many details and pulled in many directions at once.


For suppressed agitation from attempting to resist and form of stimulation.


For emotional excitement associated with fear.

Pink Tourmaline

For lack of creativity through a repressed personality.


For protection against adverse environmental influences.

Rose Quartz

For lack of self-discipline. Fear of responsibility.

Rutilated Quartz

For those who overemphasise sensuous luxury.

Smoky Quartz

For fear of emotional interaction with others.


For exhaustion arising from frustration.


For physical exhaustion. For fear of criticism.


For guilt and inability to relinquish the past. For those who are over-imaginative and given to fantasy.


For overcoming a desire for inappropriate action. For rage and a need for negative attention.


For over-caution and doubt.


For those resisting a condition or relationship regarded as discouraging.

Tigers Eye

For those who are afraid of success.


For those avoiding making a decision which would commit one to a course of action. For loss of willpower through lack of ability to make decisions.


For anxiety aggravated by darkness. For those who are seeking a way out of a problem but feel that there is no solution.

Watermelon Tourmaline

For a tendency to believe something is already real which is still only an idea.