This full moon incense is my signature incense, it can be used for evocative or divinatory purposes. This incense has been used in my coven, with over 50 Pagans enjoying this incense. Even if your not a pagan, this incense will make such a different change, as there are no synthetics, glues or nasty chemicals, all you are getting is a natural incense burnt in a natural way. it will make your environment smell magical. 

What is in the incense and why is it special ?

It has 2 different types of frankincense, one is organic and the other is not organic but is of a high quality wild crafted type so could be classed as being organic. I have used two types because where one is more of a deeper tone the other is more light and are a perfect balance for creating that spiritual atmosphere that frankincense is best for achieving I then have sourced an amazing Sanatalum album ( Wild Sandalwood ) please do not get this confused with Santalum Spicatum or cheaper imitations this is the real deal. I infuse the oil in to organic jasmine flower that again has been long associated with the moon. A tiny dash of another resin that potentiates the whole blend and a few little sprinkles of magic to seal the blend together ( I can't tell you everything... else you would know how to make my blend lol )

Any more info ?

Please tailor this incense to your desire, it may be used to stimulate your sense of smell and bring enjoyment to your environment, alternatively it can be used to create a specific ambiance for a ritual or magic rite on the full moon. I also welcome that you add to my blend and make the blend your own as there are many herbs associated with lunar magic that can be used.

This blend has been charged by my self and is made up in small batches of 12 at a time, they go quick in my home town so your incense will be fresh every time. I can guarantee that 99 percent of what is used is organic or wild grown so there should be no pesticides what so ever. There definitely are no synthetics or chemicals used in this blend and its made by a Wiccan for Pagans.


1) All herbs we sell are for ritual and spell-craft use only 
2) They are not sold for any form of medicinal purpose
3) Do not ingested in any form as we are not held responsible 
4) Please use in a ventilated space and use appropriately
5) Our incense is not meant for smoking, only use within ritual
6) Use on a charcoal burner bought from any metaphysical shop

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