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High quality natural herb in a 25gm pack so there is plenty to go around...

Common Name: Oak

Latin Name: Quercus Alba

Country of Origin: UK

A Few Magickal Uses: Sprinkle a small amount of Oak Bark underneath your bed to remove issues with fertility. Carring a piece of Oak is said to be very lucky and also very protective. I keep some underneath my door mat to entice protection and blessings to my home. Oak is also great for maing incense and smells really nice and earthy.

By ordering you accept full responsibility that the product will be used in a rational, informed manner. Illness or negative reactions can occur from excessive consumption or individual sensitivites. If in doubt seek qualified expert advice.

Perfect for adding to mojo bags / poppet dolls / making magickal oils / cleansing ritual tools

At The Gem Tree our herbs are all home grown or bought from suppliers who are registered with IFOAM and who are also certified by the Soil Association in the UK and also by The United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Programme (NOP) for products within US markets.

IFOAM The International Federation of Organic Farm Movements is the body that sets strict international organic standards with which all the major accreditation bodies round the world comply.

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