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High quality natural herb in a 5gm pack so there is plenty to go around...

Common Name: Wolf Lichen

Latin Name: Elaeagnus commutata

Country of Origin: USA

A Few Magickal Uses:

Place close to doorways to keep all evil at bay, bury in front and back garden to protect the home.

Wolf Lichen was traditionally used years ago in Europe to poison wolves, in today's modern world it can be used in protection & deterrant spells to protect & repel from modern "wolves" who prey on the spell recipient.

By ordering you accept full responsibility that the product will be used in a rational, informed manner. Illness or negative reactions can occur from excessive consumption or individual sensitivites. If in doubt seek qualified expert advice.

Perfect for adding to mojo bags / poppet dolls / making magickal oils / cleansing ritual tools

At The Gem Tree our herbs are all home grown or bought from suppliers who are registered with IFOAM and who are also certified by the Soil Association in the UK and also by The United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Programme (NOP) for products within US markets.

IFOAM The International Federation of Organic Farm Movements is the body that sets strict international organic standards with which all the major accreditation bodies round the world comply.




Pls I will like to knw what are the effects of the oil ,I have just bought it and I would like to knw how to use it to make it more effective
They are used in
many ways, but I would say the most widely used method is to anoint
yourself with the oil on the temples of the head either side. Or if you
use candles, you can anoint them also / instead. You can do this once or
twice a week, more so if the situation is severe, but you only need a
few drops of the oil blend. Prayers or chanting can help give impetus to
the process, they can be found in books or online resources, but like
me, you may find inspired to create one yourself which would perhaps be
tailor made for your situation.

As long as it is sincere and with intent, this helps. Also it can be
adapted in different way depending on what belief system you are
approaching, such as Wicca, Santeria and others. For example, Wicca has
a lot of books on the subject of using (or online resources) blends in
rituals and personal rituals. I hope I have been of assistance.
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