A combination of natural and supernatural energies working together for healing, transformation and evolutionary change.  All the equipment is steralised to ensure that no contamination what so ever can occur.

The bottle contains 10mls. Please note, photo is to show natural variation. Priced individually.

 A perfect combination of essential oils designed to remove enemies, unwanted attentions & trouble makers from your life. Anoint a photograph or a piece of paper with the persons name on and they will leave thee alone.For this blend I use 6 pure essentials oils including Patchouli, Holy hyssop & Rowen Berries..... This mixture is extremely effective.

This oil does not incurr spite or revenge

Dear Gem tree
I annointed the photo n wrote persons name and go away etc
Do I burn or throw the photo in river or something ? Or do I keep the annointed photo in the house ? .
Also a weird thing happened after I annointed the photo . I got stuck in a traffic jam for hours and had to leave the car far from My house n walk home quite late at nite and alone . Could this be some sort of back fire from using the oil? I am at the end of my tether with 2 bullies at work who are very toxic.
Also can I apply this oil to myself and my work desk etc to repel enemies?
I would be grateful for your earliest reply.
Best wishes . Sue
Hello Sue,
Thanks for your email, sorry to hear you are having this issue at work. It says also you can you write the names of the people on paper, photograph is not always possible but it is one of the two options. Actually the next part can differ but you are right, some people do burn the paper - be careful. Some also bury the paper in a place in the garden. If using a freezing spell technique, some people will put in Ice cube tray or similar way so that it can be frozen. The aspect of 'freezing' out these people and the energy they exert towards you. I would say perhaps try once a fortnight, if particularly bad, please try once a week. Also I think it is important to say a prayer or chant - but you can also make your own sincere please and say out loud whilst you do the above process.

That is a strange occurrence, but it may not be directly connected. It could be looked at that it could be negative energy sent to you, sometimes this makes things go wrong for us or we experience bad days etc. So perhaps you could follow the previous directions a week later, do in a place where you feel at home and safe and that feels positive to work on this. You can also anoint the temples of your head, yes this is the most common way of applying. Maybe accompany with chant or prayer or as you feel.

The Gem Tree team

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