This oil is fantastic. The oil is soaked in 200gms of Phenacite crystals of assorted sizes. The oil is left soaking for a full 4 months to mature. Whilst this process is taking place the huge container which houses both the oil and the phenacite is placed under a very large copper pyramid in my garden.
The bottle contains 10mls

It is regarded at this time as being the carrier of the Highest Vibration of any known crystal ... a powerful

activator of the upper chakras, especially the crown and those above the head 8-14 chakras.

All types of phenacite help to activate the "light body" and to be able to experience existence in the higher

dimensions. Also said to have initiated contact with Light Masters and Angelic beings.

It clears, cleanses and activates all chakras being also able to purify body structure, energy centres and



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Reviewed by Sarah Turner from Suffolk, United Kingdom on April 28, 2017
Beautiful oil I can really feel the highest vibrations working when I use this oil. I use it for candle prayers, bathing and crystal mediation. Lovely oil.
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Lovely smell
Reviewed by Sarah Louise TURNER from SUFFOLK, United Kingdom on April 21, 2017
Lovely smellies oil to add to your crystals or amulets to give them extra higher vibration power. I can feel it working.
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Feel the Rush!
Reviewed by Serena from United Kingdom on November 05, 2016
Simply using this oil alone, and you can feel the massive rush of information to your mind, when you feel this then entering into a trance meditative state will be a wonderful experience as you connect to Beings of the Light. Always good to hold onto a Black Tourmaline crystal during this process that you're grounded to Gaia also.
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high vibrational
Reviewed by natacha fromm from Deutschland, Deutschland on June 25, 2016
it´s like the instructions,really.
I used the oil and I was tired for some days,like if the oil worked on my energetic body
I really needed to sleep during this time
It works incredibly
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Reviewed by Kay from London, UK on April 24, 2014
This you can feel the moment you apply it! The vibration is strong and you feel the presence, I apply it on various parts of my body and sit and meditate for 10-15 mins it really puts you in a good place, very centred and balanced!
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This is one of three oils I've purchased via Amazon I've read what it's used for but it doesn't say how or way to use it?
Hello there,

This is a more specialised one, but often it may be used in meditation rituals due to the aspects of spirituality it pertains to. But you can use it it in the ways below. We have general guidelines given on the small sheet accompanying the order as there are so many uses, and people with different spiritual backgrounds have their own methods and belief systems you see. So if you are using in meditation for instance, we would anoint the temples of the head first prior to starting. I hope this is of assistance, please feel free to get back to us and we will endeavour to help.

The oils can be used in a variety of ways

"To wear and anoint the body

"Added to bath water for a ritual bath

"In an aromatic diffuser or oil burner

"To anoint candles, crystals, ritual tools or jewellery

"Added to incense powders, granules or sticks

"Used in spells, charm and mojo bags.

"Used for massage
Hello there, and I wanted to ask how do I use this oil? It was recommend to me and I bought this on Amazon. I feel silly that I bought this and don't know how to use it. Can I use it to clean my crytals and stones? Dress my candles?

Many thanks
Hello Jen,
Thanks for your email and your recent order with us. There are various ways to use them, in different practices and aspects. But yes you could use it to cleanse gems and crystals, and it is perfect to anoint candles as you say also. It is personal transformation oil, so it is great for meditations, connecting to spiritual aspects, and a great way to work with the higher chakras. So for anointing yourself before meditation, you could apply just a small amount to rub into the temples of your head. I hope this helps, feel free to get back to us and we will be glad to help.
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