MAGICKAL WISHING OIL  A combination of natural and supernatural energies working together for healing, transformation and evolutionary change.  

The bottle contains 10mls  

The bottle will contains both oil & Magickal Fairy dust

Make your dreams a reality, rub into forehead and visualise your wish. Anoint photographs of a loved one and wish that they return, anoint money and wish for more, the possibilities are just endless. Only ever wish for what you need and what your heart desires, it does not pay to be greedy.

Perfect for use in spells, charm & Mojo bags, added to incense. Also very useful for anointing candles & altar tools. This oil is pur so can even be used on the body or added to bath water for a  Sacred ritual bath.

In my magickal oils I only use high quality Organic/wild crafted Herbs & Resins, barks, seeds & berries. All the ingrediants have been ethically collected so many of our suppliers are fair trade merchants. The ingrediants are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated, ensuring that their energies are pure & very powerful indeed.

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Amazing product
Reviewed by Esmeliana Ndhlovu from  Herts, United Kingdom on November 04, 2018
I love this oil. So far my wishes are manifesting after using it for a while. The fairy dust makes it even more amazing, it really does work
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Great product nice scent
Reviewed by Janet from London, United Kingdom on April 26, 2017
It does bring positive energy to aura, waiting to see results of wish.
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Great product nice scent
Reviewed by Janet from London, UK on April 26, 2017
Well I can feel it's positive effects straight away, Ave brings positive energy to aura. waiting to see results.
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Gorgeous smelling oil
Reviewed by Sarah Louise Turner from  Suffolk, United Kingdom on March 22, 2017
Lovely smelling oil I use it in bath rituals on my crystals, candles, jewelry. I use it on my special wish ring and I really feel it working. I like it so much I brought the bigger bottle next time. I also use it on talismans and amulets. Very happy with it :-)
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Special Wishes
Reviewed by Serena from United Kingdom on November 05, 2016
It's all about intentions and how focused you are. Tap into your inner child and the power of your wish, and this oil just works magic after magic in your life just as you wished for
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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 6 reviews)
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How do you use the oils. I have bought four for different uses
hey are used not just in pagan tradition, but other spiritual religions across the world, as we have customers from across the world. Most people anoint the temples of the head with just a small amount or drop or so of each blend. Or some anoint the pressure points of the wrist. You can also use them in conjuction with the full moon, some people also use them with candles. And colours of candles can be important for some. An example use would be Phenacite in that it is good for spiritual work, so it is perfect to use before meditation or psychic work. Pennyroyal you can anoint yourself or even an area if you think it has a jinx placed within it. You can utilise chants or prayers, depending on your background. There are books with pre-made ones or you can create inspired ones.
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