This is the XXX version RUE: Used whilst performing exorcisms, to rid mind, body & soul of demons. Some say that Rue can also cure mental illness and was used widely in mental hospitals in the early years. You can also anoint doorways with Rue to keep evil out of your home, i have done this and must say that it works very well. Rue is also good for relieving many forms of rheumatism and sciatica so would make an excellent massage oil for anyone suffering with those two ailments. Rue is highly revered by Muslims because it is said that the prophet Mohammed blessed this herb after it cured him of an illness. You can also use Rue oil to rid your pet of fleas, they hate the pungent smell and bitter taste. Sold per 10ml bottle which contains both herb and oil, You will also get an information sheet which explains how to use magickal oils. We use PET bottles, which are the most environmentally friendly product we found suitable for our oil products. These bottles can all go straight into your council recycling facilities to be completely recycled, their low weight and easy transport make them the perfect environmental solution. This oil can be used for anointing magickal tools, rubbed into the body or added to a bath. It can also be added to pot pourri or incense and can also be used to anoint charm bags, mojo bags and other talismans and amulets. It is also excellent for anointing candles and altars. Each oil is hand blended by myself with tender love & care, they have also been ritually blessed and charged. They are prepared at the correct moon phase,day of the week & planetary hour.

Photograph is to show natural variation, priced individually per bottle.

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Great product .very pleased with .arrived good time.
Reviewed by Julia Pecchia from Essex, United Kingdom on June 22, 2023
Love this seller, always arrive on time and great product
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Very good!
Reviewed by Alina from Glasgow, United Kingdom on June 15, 2020
I recommend this for rituals that involve removing black magic and dark entities. Another great oil from a great company. I am sure it works :)
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Great product
Reviewed by LIN, ZI-QING from Taiwan on April 21, 2015
Oil is natural not allergic

Aroma of love

To purify the space with the goods
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)

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