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Green Aventurine Gemstone / Tumblestone - Extra Large

Green Aventurine Gemstone / Tumblestone - Extra Large

High quality Green Aventurine tumblestones, measuring approximately 30mm by 25mm. You get one tumblestone, and photo...

By Mona Reynard-Gordon on
We received our aventurine on Tuesday, 02.12.09. My husband cleansed and charged it and started wearing it. The next day we got papers saying that a loan we thought we owed one last payment on in December had really been paid off in November. Hence no December payment, an extra £200 for us. Saturday my husband put the aventurine in his left pocket and bought a lucky dip lotto ticket for the FIRST TIME EVER and he won £40. Needless to say we are very happy with the aventurine and will continue to use it for our future endeavors.
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