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Fullers Earth Powder 100Gm Unbleached + Natural Detox

Fullers Earth Powder 100Gm Unbleached + Natural Detox

FULLERS EARTH POWDER This is for 100gms, provided in resealable, grip lock bag. ***Please note, photo is...

By Ruby_Tuesday on
I have used this as a facial mask - mixed with water and a little orange juice which is a mild astringent - and the results were fantastic. My complexion was brighter, softer and felt tauter straight away. With the mask on, I had a bath with a couple of teaspoons of fullers earth in - which made for a lovely relaxing natural mineral bathe. Again - my skin felt wonderful after.
I have also used it on a couple of mysterious recurring itchy rashes that have been popping up in the same place on my knees and elbows for the past few months. I applied it as a mask to these areas, and so far the rashes have not reappeared.
Anyone looking for an alternative skin treatment to the costly, probably harmful, chemical-filled products out there - I thoroughly recommend this.
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