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This oil is fantastic. The oil is soaked in 300gms of Moldavite crystals of assorted sizes. The oil is left soaking for a full 3 months to mature. Whilst this process is taking place the huge container which houses both the oil and the Moldavite is placed under a very large copper pyramid in my garden. The oil and the crystals are then seperated and the oil is bottled up etc


Directions: Massage a few drops into the skin, add to bath water, massage into 3rd eye chakra, add to charm bags, put a few drops on your pillow at night.

Catherine Price

I love this, too! It has a very earthy smell--it's Wonderful, and powerful things have been LOVE it!!!!


Love the price! I also work with Moldavite incense burning in my sacred space... It's good for psychic protection whilst doing psychic work. After you're finished closing down, just notice the powerful synchronicities that come your way. Love this oil!