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Dragons Blood Oil / 25Ml / Love, Passion + Protection


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    The bottle contains 25ml

    This oil can be used for anointing magickal tools, rubbed into the body or added to a bath. It can also be added to pot pourri or incense and can also be used to anoint charm bags, mojo bags and other talismans and amulets. It is also excellent for anointing candles and altars.

    Dragon's blood: This dramatic sounding resin isn't quite what its name suggests! The resin comes from the fruits of climbing palm trees, such as Daemonorops draco, in areas of tropical Asia. The fruit of the trees is covered in scales and the bright red shiny resin seeps out between the scales - which looks a bit like blood coming out from a cut (or a scaly dragon's hide). As it seeps out, it's traditionally collected, cleansed and then melted down to form a hard chunk of resin.

    Dragon's Blood is a shiny, deep red resin used in incense burning. This is a powerfully spicy resin that somewhat resembles a Benzoin and cinnamon mixed together. It has strong antiseptic and disinfectant properties and is therefore useful for cleansing an area of germs. Due to its anesthetic qualities it is very calming. It is also very useful for keeping insects away from your meditation area as it acts as an all-natural insecticide. It's considered to be cleansing and as such, has been added in small amounts to Frankincense mixtures. It is specifically used by Catholic churches to intensify the smoke of the Frankincense. The fruit of the tree from which Dragon's Blood is harvested is covered with scales; the resin seeps out between the scales, is collected, cleansed and then melted. Dragon's Blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of their rituals to remove negative energies or spirits.

    When burnt, Dragon's Blood creates a strong herbal and spicy fragrance. It's traditionally used in Indian ceremonies to get rid of negative energies and spirits and is regarded as having cleansing properties. It's also calming, and some believe it has aphrodisiacal properties, too, especially if you leave a piece under your mattress.

    As well as for burning, the resin has gained other uses throughout history. In the 18th century Italian violinmakers are said to have used it as a source of varnish for their instruments, and the Greeks and Romans regarded it as having medicinal properties. The warriors in ancient China used to carry it with them when going into battle. If they were wounded they used the resin to stop their wounds bleeding so much.

    Incense resins such as in this are completely natural. They have been used in incense making and also by themselves for centuries. To burn the resin as an incense you need to have a heat source. Most people use a charcoal disc that is designed specifically for this purpose. The disc should be placed inside a heat resistant container with earth inside if required to shield the strong heat. Once alight the resin can be spooned gently onto the charcoal and the resin becomes an incense and the delightful aromas are released. You can then add more resin as required.


    THIS IS NOT A SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE OIL. It is made from real dragonsblood resin, not from synthetic fragrances. Store in a cool, dark place.

    Hand blended and therefore individually made, these amazing blends of high quality pure oils and gemstone essences, magically active herbal extracts are gathered and prepared under the correct magical conditions. Based on arcane knowledge, magical aromatherapy is a combination of natural and supernatural energies working together for transformation and evolutionary change.

    Contains no nut-based extracts. The gems are soaked in the oil for a full cycle of the moon and is then placed under a copper pyramid for a further full cycle of the moon. All the equipment is steralised to ensure that no contamination what so ever can occur.


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    Great product
    Reviewed by LIN, ZI-QING from Taiwan on April 21, 2015
    Oil is natural not allergic

    Aroma of love

    Spatial field with pure feeling
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