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Anti-Hex Curse Anointing Oil

Anti-Hex Curse Anointing Oil

 The bottle contains 10mls   A perfectly blended oil containing pure essential oils to remove and...
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Great item to have at hand
Reviewed by M.K-Warburton from Tokyo, Japan on July 06, 2021
Just as with all Gem Tree ritual oils I have purchased, this is yet another very powerful oil that I would always make sure that I have at least one full bottle at all times!

I find that sometimes people don't realise or mean to curse or send hexes but when it happens, it can be tricky to perform anti-hex/curse rituals when you're feeling unwell or seriously affected. Having this oil means I can anoint the candle for my spells (if I'm able to perform) or use this on my body for quick hex/curse removal or even carry it around as an amulet/to be used on the go.

If you're unsure what other oils to purchase, I would recommend adding this one to your basket :)
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Very powerfull Oil
Reviewed by Joana from Lisboa, Portugal on December 10, 2015
Very powerfull oil, also very good smell!
Will buy it again for sure
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)