The bottle contains 10ml of oil & herb

Pennyroyal is used to ward off evil and also to remove curses, bad luck or a jinx etc it will also break an hex so its powerful stuff. Because it wards off evil and other negative energies using Pennyroyal in your home will bring a feeling of peace and calmness. I normally sprinkle a few drops into an oil burner or onto a display of pot pourri. I also find Pennyroyal very cleaning for my aura so a drop in the bath is great for restoring balance, removing negativity and energising. Pennyroyal is also used during exorcisms.This oil can be used for anointing magickal tools, rubbed into the body or added to a bath. It can also be added to pot pourri or incense and can also be used to anoint charm bags, mojo bags and other talismans and amulets. It is also excellent for anointing candles and altars.

We use PET bottles, which are the most environmentally friendly product we found suitable for our oil products. These bottles can all go straight into your council recycling facilities to be completely recycled, their low weight and easy transport make them the perfect environmental solution.

Each oil is hand blended by myself with tender love & care, they have also been ritually blessed and charged. They are prepared at the correct moon phase,day of the week & planetary hour.

In my magickal oils I only use high quality Organic/wild crafted Herbs & Resins, barks, seeds & berries. All the ingrediants have been ethically collected so many of our suppliers are fair trade merchants. The ingrediants are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated, ensuring that their energies are pure & very powerful indeed.

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Reviewed by Susan Williams from Lancashire, United Kingdom on October 17, 2022
Gem tree somehow manage to create oils with scents that encapsulate & evoke the intended outcome. I have bought a large number & im impressed with them all. All different. All wonderful. Would highly recommend Gem tree to others. Their gemstone jewellery is a must & excellent value for money too. We'll done Gem tree.
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Goes a long way
Reviewed by Alan marchant from Pas de calais, France on September 12, 2019
Have been using these products for some time.Yes it is small, but only a dab is required good buy.
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Great product.
Reviewed by Isabelle Berntsen from Jessheim, Norway on July 13, 2017
I am pleased with all products I bought from The Gem Tree they arrive in time, well packed and the service is good .
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Reviewed by michael seaward from bude, cornwall on May 01, 2016
very please with the goods and very good service
will come back when i need any more
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Hi I bought your pennyroyal oil and received it during the week. I have just been informed that pennyroyal is toxic to use through trusted sources and online research. Is your product safe? I'm worried as I've applied it to my skin.
Many thanks
Please reply promptly,
Emily O'Shea
Hello Emily,

Thanks for your order and your email. Our oil is pre-blended and is very safe. The preblend is stabilised in mostly base oil so the level of Pennyroyal component are very low to begin with. Unrelated to this oil, but if you are applying Pennyroyal essential oil which is 100% pure oil to begin with, then this may have side effects with continuouse use, although this is usually attributed if ingested (along with the plant itself, not advisable for animals to ingest for example). I have actually just done a search, and any reports of incidents are all mentioning internal use. Although it is always adviseable to mix in base oil with essential oils anyhow. Our traditional ritual oil of Pennyroyal is a small preblend of Pennyroyal herb and perhaps 80% base oil. All of our ritual oils are for external use only. I hope this helps.
Do this oil really do what you says it do.
Hi there.
It is a traditional blend that we have been creating for 10 years, and we have many people return for it. It is best to be used in a relevant personal ritual, and with the right intent it works best. Hope this helps.
I bought a bottle, but I am confused. Why the oil is called Bad luck curses. Since I got the bottle I am scared to use. Because it sounds like that I want to attract bad luck. I am confused by the title of the recipe.
Hello there,

Sorry for any confusion caused, the last part of title are the keywords and purpose of oil, so the purpose can be read as:-

Removes Bad Luck Curses Jinx (curses and jinx amongst other names for the same thing)

So we put this after the title of this blend:-

Pennyroyal Magickal Oil

We put some keywords on the bottle label itself, but due to space we are restricted as to how many. I hope I have been of assistance.
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