Rowan Berries have been used for magickal purposes for many many years and are said to be very protective against dark magick and bad spells that may have been cast against you or your property. By anointing windows and doorways to you home with Rowan oil will bring great protection. I also use it to cleanse, protect and bless my garden altar tools. In some parts of the world Corpses prior to burial and coffins in transit to graveyards are often placed under Rowan trees to protect the souls from evil spirits. Faeries love to collect Rowan Berries so I always leave a few out on my garden altar for them to collect, its a good way of enticing the faeries onto your property.

Sold per 10ml bottle which contains both herb and oil, You will also get an information sheet which explains how to use magickal oils.

In my magickal oils I only use high quality Organic/wild crafted Herbs & Resins, barks, seeds & berries. All the ingrediants have been ethically collected

We use PET bottles, which are the most environmentally friendly product we found suitable for our oil products. These bottles can all go straight into your council recycling facilities to be completely recycled, their low weight and easy transport make them the perfect environmental solution.



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wonderful oil
Reviewed by Jennifer Strong from Penticton, Canada on December 23, 2018
I love the aroma and feeling of this Rowan berry oil. I feel good with it, and so do others who are nearby.
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Received my Rowan Berry Magickal Oil Protection + Visions.

When it says for visions, can I use it for my eyes to make my vision clearer?
Hi there. Yes you could use it to clarify them and enhance, perhaps in conjuction with meditation or pre-meditation first. Hope this helps.
Hi there,

Is this made from pressed rowan beries/seeds - or is it a base oil infused with rowan berries?

Hello there,
Thanks for your question. It is made from the berries / seeds. Sorry for the bad photo, we have replaced the photo with better one so you can see the contents better. Hope this helps.
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