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MOON PLANETARY OIL / powerful energies  

Also known as Moon Goddess oil

The bottle contains 10mls 

In magickal workings The Moon helps with astral projection and also with meditation. It is perfect to use with divination objects like tarot cards, pendulums and scrying mirrors, I myself have had some fantastic results. I find this oil to be very gentle yet at the same time it is also quite powerful and will stimulate your mind. I also feel quite creative after having used this oil.

Perfect for use in spells, charm & Mojo bags, added to incense. Also very useful for anointing candles & altar tools. This oil is pur so can even be used on the body or added to bath water for a Sacred ritual bath.

Each oil is hand blended by myself with tender love & care, they have also been ritually blessed and charged. They are prepared at the correct moon phase,day of the week & planetary hour.

In my magickal oils I only use high quality Organic/wild crafted Herbs & Resins, barks, seeds & berries. All the ingrediants have been ethically collected so many of our suppliers are fair trade merchants. The ingrediants are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated, ensuring that their energies are pure & very powerful indeed.

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