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Beltance Achievement Sabbat Oil

The bottle contains 10mls

In Celtic tradition, the two greatest festivals of all are Beltaine and Samhain- the beginning of Summer and the beginning of Winter. The original meaning Beltaine was "Bel-fire", Bel being the god of light and fire. The Celts were not very Solar oriented. The Bel-fires were lit on the hilltops to symbolize the return of life and fertility to the world. Jumping over the fire, or, more practically walking between two Bel-fires brings fertility, good luck or wishes.

"But apart from-or rather, in amplification of- the enactment of the Goddess and God-King mysteries, Beltaine (for ordinary people) was a festival of unashamed human sexuality and fertility. Maypole, nuts and the gown of green' were frank symbols of penis, testicles and the covering of a woman by a man. Dancing around the maypole, hunting for nuts in the woods, greenwood marriages' and staying up all night to watch the May sun rise, were unequivocal sexual activities, which is why the Puritans suppressed them with such pious horror. (Parliament made maypoles illegal in 1644, but they came back with the Restoration; in 1661 a 134-foot maypole was set up in the Strand.)"

Many of the surnames such as Hodson, Robinson, Jenkinson, Johnson, and Godkin owe their existence to some long-ago May Eve in the woods and a greenwood marriage'. A greenwood marriage was a night spent in sexual activity out in the local woods, fields, or anything other than a man-made structure (haystacks don't count!). A Swedish tradition is to have two people, one male, one female, light the Balefire as a symbol of the union of God and Goddess. (Also gets the fire lit faster) Let us not forget that this is the Sabbat celebrating the Marriage/Union of the Lord and Lady. Pick many of the traditional wedding festivities and you will find pagan roots you can use to celebrate.

Anoint crystals, tools, candles or yourself. Add to bath water for ritual bath. There are just so many ways to use this oil......the possibilities are endless



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