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Fertility Charm Mojo Bag

Fertility Charm Mojo Bag

This ample charm bag contains a special blend of herbs, a genuine crystal, a blend of oils and talisman charms. Crafted...
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Reviewed by Mariko Kaneko-Warburton from TOKYO, Japan on May 24, 2021
I love this mojo bag! It smells amazing (sort of sweet scent, reminds me of Christmas) and I love carrying this bag.

It carries wonderful energy and I feel so positive about the aspect - I was so focused and worried that I would never be able to be a mother but carrying this bag made me feel more relaxed and I now feel even if my wish doesn't manifest, I'd still be happy and would understand that it's not meant to be.

It would be great if it does manifest but I'm just happy to have come across this item which relieved me from the anxiety and stress of waiting to see the fertility outcomes.
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