Reward Points

Gem Tree Reward Points

What is it?

If you create an account with The Gem Tree, you can earn reward points on purchases and get use them to save on future order. This is only available on orders placed through this website, /

How does it work?

Each item is worth reward points. When you proceed to checkout, and submit your order, you earn reward points. They are active once your order has been confirmed as Dispatched. The reward points are equivalent to 4.5% of your order value.

How do I use them?

On subsequent orders, once on the checkout page, you will see an area marked 'Reward Points'. If the '+' expand button is showing, click on this, and enter via keyboard or keypad, however much you would like to set against the value of your pending order. Please use decimal points if applicable, but whole integers would work. E.g. if   12.89 has been earned, you can still enter 12 and take off 12.00 in value.

Can they be used in conjunction with other offers?

Yes they can. If we have a sale, or a promotion, you can still use your Gem Tree reward points. There is no expiry date for these points, and they can be used whenever you like.

What if I have previously ordered without an account previously?

To offer this scheme, you need to have made an account with us. We regret that if you have made an order without an account before making a full acount (i.e as a guest), then we are unable to renumerate the points. The guest checkout feature is exempt from this scheme, as we have to respect that customers sometimes wish to place orders with no account features, and possibly with the view of not returning. Hence the rewards points are not logged in this scenario.

How long will my points last for?

We hold all your points for you for 365 days, after which time they will automatically reset to zero. Before such time, you can use your points in whatever quantities you like - in increments or all at once!