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Author: Rachel B.

Review date 19.10.2021

Very nice. Happy with everything. Would shop here again. Good prices. Thanks for the free gift


Author: Sally B.

Review date 05.10.2021

Brilliant service, beautiful products


Author: Linda T.

Review date 28.09.2021

No comment available


Author: Katrina L.

Review date 18.09.2021

Everything I ordered was great except for the candle. The candle was a joke. It was smashed and melted when it arrived. The packaging wasn't great either. But other than that, I'm satisfied.


Author: Lauren D.

Review date 15.09.2021

Loved everything about this site!! Will definitely order again!!


Author: marge p.

Review date 15.09.2021

Thank you.


Author: Yoon Chong O.

Review date 15.09.2021

Very fast delivery. Beautifu beads.


Author: MBILA M.

Review date 14.09.2021

I love this website and the service is impeccable ????????????????


Author: Tracey C.

Review date 11.09.2021

brilliant service always care about you, ready to give advice on usage of oils and products i love these people.


Author: Maria V.

Review date 06.09.2021

Now that I know how great a store this is, I look forward to making more purchases.


Author: Romayne W.

Review date 31.08.2021

Great to be able to get items not found elsewhere. Many thanks :)


Author: Hanne P.

Review date 25.08.2021

I am very staticefied. I love my trianglen! Too bad the price gets so high because of danish taxes but that's not your fault.


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