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Author: Elisabetta E.

Review date 29.03.2021

The candles are beautiful. Have a perfect yellow shade which will be part of my Easter decorations.
Perfectly well wrapped and dispatched very quickly. Awesome purchase and great customer experience. Thank you!


Author: y l.

Review date 29.03.2021

No comment available


Author: Liz A.

Review date 19.03.2021



Author: Nick

Review date 15.03.2021

Cannot fault the service!


Author: Miguel B.

Review date 12.03.2021

Im from Chile (South America) and the shipping only took 8 days.
The oils are amazing!


Author: Jem

Review date 11.03.2021

I've had quite a few Magickal oils from The Gem Tree and LOVE them - They really work too. Since i've been using Bayberry my purse has never been empty. I especially love the Wood Aloe high vibes and Arabian Nights euphoric release together and really feel lifted. I also use Chronic fatigue oil and do notice a difference. They smell amazing too.


Author: Dina F.

Review date 11.03.2021

Excellent service and quick delivery. The products are at a reasonable price and good quality. I will use this company again. Thank you


Author: Brian M.

Review date 10.03.2021

Great product great service an A great price thank you ????????


Author: peter b.

Review date 09.03.2021



Author: Linda H.

Review date 08.03.2021

Nice item...great service...really helpful staff

Admin comment
thanks Linda :-)

Author: Pam L.

Review date 03.03.2021

Products are wonderful.
Very good and helpful service.
Highly recommend.

Admin comment
Thanks so much for your kind comments and your order :-)

Author: Denise K.

Review date 02.03.2021

Never disappointed with my order. Always delighted!

Admin comment
Always greatful for your patronage, and blessings to you and your family.

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