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Author: Maria B.

Review date 18.07.2023

Love my purchase, but did find shipping a bit on the high side.

Admin comment
Thanks for your order, glad you like your large gemstone sphere. Unfortunately, parcels are more expensive and postage for this is going up at least once per year. Also our packing materials have increased in recent times, we sadly have to raise our postal prices in line with Royal Mail increases. As your item was over the 25mm threshold, the system designated shipping as parcel format.

Author: Bora K.

Review date 07.07.2023

The one shop stop for your
Ascension,I would definitely recommend this gumtree.


Author: Dominika K.

Review date 15.06.2023

No comment available


Author: Ruth M.

Review date 09.06.2023

Lovely fragrances, arrived quickly.


Author: Shupikai M.

Review date 05.06.2023

Very good service and quick delivery.


Author: shaun k.

Review date 27.05.2023

fast & easy


Author: Tanya P.

Review date 18.05.2023

Lovely pendulum, better than the picture. Arrives in good time. Many thanks


Author: Holly W.

Review date 12.05.2023

No comment available


Author: keri e.

Review date 12.05.2023

No comment available


Author: Harvey A.

Review date 28.04.2023

Great service and items.


Author: Maria K.

Review date 25.04.2023

Took a little while to arrive ..
Good to add a note about the individualized oils that I ordered

Admin comment
Thanks for your order and kind comments, glad the notes helped. _br /_ Sorry for the delay, I think UK to Jersey is treated like airmail and sometimes it is longer than UK domestic unfortunately.

Author: Ellie D.

Review date 24.03.2023

Order shipped quickly and safely packaged. Great items at competitive prices so I'm delighted with my order.


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