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Author: giulietta p.

Review date 13.06.2017

Very happy good service good product good price


Author: Stefan L.

Review date 05.06.2017

No comment available


Author: D F.

Review date 30.05.2017

No comment available


Author: Margaret B.

Review date 29.05.2017

Excellent as always


Author: BRUNO B.

Review date 25.05.2017

Produits conformes aux photos. Livraison soignée et rapide. Très bons produits et j'en suis devenue accro... :)


Author: Samantha R.

Review date 18.05.2017

Great service, highly recommend, friendly and great products. Enjoy shopping at the gem tree.


Author: Alison B.

Review date 16.05.2017

I love the oils, very nice


Author: Evey D.

Review date 14.05.2017

This is an an amazing site products and service.

I am truly blessed bumping into this site any questions asked the response is quick extremly helpful.


Author: Tatjana P.

Review date 10.05.2017

very satisfied with very good service during many years


Author: eric a.

Review date 10.05.2017

No comment available


Author: Janet

Review date 05.05.2017

Good products, thanks.


Author: serena b.

Review date 04.05.2017

No comment available


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