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Author: Claudia J.

Review date 30.04.2017

some products do not have specific information about their function/purpose on the product description page, but rather some more general information that applies to various products in the same category. This might be a little point you would like to work on.


Author: kings j.

Review date 29.04.2017

No comment available


Author: Sarah Louise T.

Review date 29.04.2017

all the products are working for me really well. The oil and sunshine crystals are working really well together and the talisman cards work really well when I do my candle prayers. Thank you.


Author: Sue S.

Review date 29.04.2017

These oils give a lovely magical , warm feeling and seem to work . I have ordered over 30 now! They are magical, smell gorgeous, and are just a lovely part of my life! I don't know how they work, but somehow they do ..... delivery is sooo quick it's amazing , very happy customer :)


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