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Author: Martin K.

Review date 08.08.2022

Always fantastic products and service


Author: Ana M.

Review date 08.08.2022

Very satisfied with all my purchases..very nice crystals ..with a lovely energy and a very varied assortment of only issue is that it would seem if one does not decide to buy immediately the items in the basket the basket empties and one has to start again from scratch and be quick about it!!no time to think..

Admin comment
thanks for your order and feedback. If you login it will save your basket, if not logged in certain browsers (especially phones) will clear the cache of the website. We will contact you separately, we are testing our test accounts and they are definitely saving once logged in.

Author: Simon D.

Review date 02.08.2022

No comment available

Admin comment
thanks for your order and feedback.

Author: Alan m.

Review date 25.07.2022

My only negative comments are, living in France and having to pay tax, when the items are delivered at the door
But that is no reflection on Gem tree, that's political.

Admin comment
Thanks so much for your order. We are terribly sorry about that, we do put a disclaimer on our website, but apparently it is also the same for EU countries importing from USA for example. It is a big shame these new changes were made to orders of any value. I am afraid there is no way we can get around it :-(

Author: Sarah *.

Review date 22.06.2022

I cannot recommend this site enough, the products are amazing, quick delivery and fantastic customer service, thank you so much looking forward to my next purchase already

Admin comment
Thanks for your order and feedback Sarah. It was great to assist you in helping you with your items and how to use them better.

Author: Claire Z.

Review date 21.06.2022

Very nice people to deal with! I'm delighted with my purchase.

Admin comment
Was a pleasure to help you prior to your purchase, thanks for your order and feedback!

Author: Carol W.

Review date 20.06.2022

It's always a pleasure to order from the Gem Tree and everything arrives quickly and as described.

Admin comment
Hi Carol, thanks for your recent order with us :-).

Author: wendy a.

Review date 06.06.2022

Customer service is excellent ,James in particular is so helpful and friendly with yoda ish advice .He is a peach!.Will shop here again.many thanks x

Admin comment
Hello Wendy, glad we could help, always a pleasure. Thanks for your kind comments and feedback x :-)

Author: Pilar Q.

Review date 24.05.2022

Wonderful QUALITY, EFFECTIVE products. And Super Stellar Kind Customer Service. Please recommend to your friends.

Admin comment
Hello Pilar, great to have your feedback, thanks for your order and glad we were able to help with your questions at the time also.

Author: Lisa L.

Review date 19.05.2022

I am happy with my order. Thank you!

Admin comment
So glad you are happy with your order, thanks for your feedback it means a lot to us!

Author: Catherine W.

Review date 12.05.2022

Everything so far so good but the problem is you have not given us a chance to pay with our bank cards without using PayPal. I cancelled last night’s shopping because I had to check out with PayPal.

Admin comment
Thanks for your feedback! Sorry for those payments being unavailable, they are now available on checkout. We were told there is a new payment system being rolled out and we had to temporarily deactivate until installed. But this is now completed.

Author: Katelynn R.

Review date 12.05.2022

I had a custom bulk order.
I was helped by Katie. The customer service was outstanding, and even though they are across the pond from me (I’m in the US) I will be a returning customer. I was genuinely impressed and very appreciative of their help and willingness to go above and beyond!

Admin comment
So glad we were able to help you, we strive to give the best service we can and hope we can provide you with more items in the future that you have been looking for. Thanks so much for your kind words and your order with us.

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