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Author: Tracey E.

Review date 20.04.2022

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Admin comment
Thanks for your feedback

Author: Samantha C.

Review date 04.04.2022

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Admin comment
Thanks for your feedback :-)

Author: Liz A.

Review date 03.04.2022

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Admin comment
Much obliged for your rating :-)

Author: Martin K.

Review date 30.03.2022

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Author: Lidia S.

Review date 27.03.2022

I love the gem tree, they have helped with my spiritual life and provided products that have helped with my spiritual workings/rituals. Pricing is amazing, very affordable. I'm always grateful for my spirit guides helping me find a spiritual supplier that caters for all my needs. Love and light. Lidia x

Admin comment
Hello Lidia, thanks for your recent order with us! Always a pleasure to deal with you and thanks so much for your feedback on our items and service. Bright blessings x

Author: Rebekah T.

Review date 07.03.2022

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Author: zoraida ..

Review date 03.03.2022

great item
fast shipping


Author: Yoon Chong O.

Review date 02.03.2022

Very fast delivery. The star of David was very well done. Love it.


Author: Tatjana P.

Review date 01.03.2022

No comment available


Author: Sean S.

Review date 28.02.2022

Great items well priced and quick shipping you can’t ask for more.


Author: Luisa C.

Review date 25.02.2022

The best customer service that I ever had!!!!thank you so much


Author: Anton K.

Review date 22.02.2022

I am very pleased to know that this is indeed the rare discontinued variant of from Alchemy Gothic.

My wife wears the heart portion as she prefers the Blue Gem variation with Blue Ribbon over the current iteration with Black Ribbon & Red Gem.

"Love Rules His Kingdom without a Sword".


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