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Review date 14.02.2022

Alls OK


Author: Linda T.

Review date 26.01.2022

No comment available


Author: Jane M.

Review date 24.01.2022

I always buy this product from The Gem Tree - quality assured, and speedy delivery.


Author: Sarah W.

Review date 23.01.2022

Excellent product


Author: Danielle D.

Review date 19.01.2022

Everything was amazing and I am so happy with the products I received.


Author: Rachel K.

Review date 05.01.2022

No comment available


Author: Paula L.

Review date 31.12.2021

Great service. Thanks


Author: Carl

Review date 28.12.2021

Excellent service - items ordered were just as described, dispatch and arrival within a few days, even with Christmas looking. 10/10!


Author: Nanny O.

Review date 14.12.2021

I am very happy with everything. ???? 5 stars ⭐️ for a brilliant shop. 5 ???? for very well packaged. 5 stars ???? for communication. ????????. I will definitely be going back to order again.


Author: Angelle B.

Review date 07.12.2021

The best thing about this shop is the high level of customer service. That's why I continue to come back.
The products are good, as are most of the other features.
It's just the website that lets one down and my suggestion would be a good overhaul of the site.


Author: Jamie G.

Review date 30.11.2021

Bought as a gift for my partner who was very happy with the product.


Author: Carol W.

Review date 26.11.2021

The Gem Tree has a lovely selection of jewelerry and it's all very good value. I also love their perfume oils.


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