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Author: Jasmin G.

Review date 20.11.2021

amazing oils!!


Author: Inga V.

Review date 16.11.2021

Lovely products, good communication, not very expensive.


Author: Ruth M.

Review date 09.11.2021

Ordered patchouli oils. They arrived quickly and were well packed. The patchouli oils smelled really nice. Other brands I've purchased tend to lack aroma. I prefer the Gem Tree fragrance punch.


Author: Lidia S.

Review date 06.11.2021

5 stars across the board. The gem tree has powered my spiritual life greatly. I'm grateful to my spirits guiding me to there website. ♥️♥️


Author: Anne R.

Review date 29.10.2021

I am very happy with the Spiritual Sky Vanilla Perfume oil - it's exactly what I wanted thanks. Very reasonably priced too. There was a bit of a problem with registering my Visa Card payment details to begin with - as your system doesn't give access to entering card issue start dates, which are often required. But this was very clearly resolved!


Author: Amanda H.

Review date 28.10.2021

I love these oils and use them in my home made body lotions. Lovely quality ????


Author: Clinton D.

Review date 28.10.2021

The product I received was exactly as expected. The order was shipped fast and packed well. 10 of 10


Author: Rachel B.

Review date 19.10.2021

Very nice. Happy with everything. Would shop here again. Good prices. Thanks for the free gift


Author: Sally B.

Review date 05.10.2021

Brilliant service, beautiful products


Author: Linda T.

Review date 28.09.2021

No comment available


Author: Katrina L.

Review date 18.09.2021

Everything I ordered was great except for the candle. The candle was a joke. It was smashed and melted when it arrived. The packaging wasn't great either. But other than that, I'm satisfied.


Author: Lauren D.

Review date 15.09.2021

Loved everything about this site!! Will definitely order again!!


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