Giving Birthstones As Jewellery Gifts

Written by Naomi Shaw Image courtesy of Shutterstock Popular, elegant, and unique, birthstones make a beautiful gift for just about any occasion. Part of a tradition that goes back to ancient times, birthstone gifts are reputed to bring luck, prosperity, and healing to the wearer. If you are giving a birthstone as a gift for

New Natura Incense range available

We are pleased to introduce these premium incense from the well respected Stamford brand. Each pack of high-quality fragrances comes in a lovingly handcrafted gift box – making these a fine gift to loved ones also! Just holding them assaults the senses. Plus if you purchase now, they are available at 33% off the normal

Charities We Support

Charities Charities We Support For as long as we can remember, we have been involved with charitable causes. We feel an innate connection to these causes personally, and will continue to do so. Along with those mentioned below, we also are assured that we are able to source items that are Fairtrade, and also some

The importance of Chakras

Do you feel your body and spirit are in tune? If you answer No to this question then one or all of your Chakra’s may be blocked or unbalanced. Do you perhaps have trouble communicating or expressing yourself? – Your Throat Chakra could be blocked. Do you feel you are lacking in physical energy? –

The Healing Properties Of Turquoise

History Native Americans from the Southwest section of the United States are known for their turquoise and silver jewelry. Spiritual healers used turquoise in ceremonies to dispel negativity and protect the wearer from various types of harm. They believed that the stone could be worn anywhere on the body and the person would be kept safe

Make Your Own Emergency Beading Kit!

Making your own emergency beading kit – did you ever think that an emergency beading kit would be a necessity? For all jewellers out there, it may be a familiar scenario – you are working on a piece of jewellery when all of a sudden a piece breaks and there are no substitutions at hand. It

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