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Author: morose a.

Review date 16.12.2020

I am very disappointed with this product which is really different from the original brand, I do not recommend this site

Admin comment
We are sorry you are disappointed with the Vanilla and Coconut fragrance from the Spiritual Sky range. These are the official range, which we have been dealing with since 1996. The bottle shape was changed 3 years ago, which is now a thicker glass structure as the original version was slightly weaker, and the move was most likely introduced to make the bottles much stronger in transit. But these are 100% genuine, and we have many customers who return for both the Spiritual Sky and Tree Of Life range, we do not sell fakes or knock-offs, the logo is still the same as well as the product source, the glass bottle is the only material change (same capacity).

Author: Elizabeth A.

Review date 01.08.2019

I liked the scent from all of the atomisers that I ordered except the "lilac" one. I felt it smelled like "furniture polish". That is fine for the furniture but not to wear. The others were really nice. As I ordered on line I cannot comment about the store.

Admin comment
Hello Elizabeth, thanks for your order of a selection of fragrance atomisers. We are sorry that Lilac was not to your taste. We do have some customers who reorder this particular scent on a periodic basis, though we realise fragrance can be subjective in some cases._br /_

Author: Gulshan B.

Review date 22.07.2019

I am not happy with the product as I tryed but not yet received the result .

Admin comment
Thanks for your order and comments. With spell rituals it is not alway instaneous results, we always say it can take 2 - 3 weeks for energies to start changing, although some people can experience effects more quickly.

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