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Cleansing Crystals and Jewellery

Your crystals, jewellery and pendulums and basically anything around you can attract positive and negative energies and so need to be cleansed. Below you will find what I consider the best ways in which to cleanse all your crystals, gems, jewellery and pendulums.

When you first acquire a crystal you need to thoroughly cleanse it before it can be used for healing. There are so many ways of cleansing crystals that if I were to mention them all I would be going on forever so I am just going to mention a few.

  1. The sun and moon method, place all your objects in a place where they are exposed to the sun or moon. I leave mine in the garden but it is also acceptable to leave them on a window ledge. Even if the day is very cloudy and you can not see the sun or moon, their rays will still be cleansing. Your items will normally be cleansed within 24 hours. Some stones can be damaged by sunlight and will fade so pleased check that the items you want to cleanse are suitable for this method.

  1. The Earth method, place all your items in the Earth, use a soft cloth to cover them all, preferably a natural cloth such as cotton, wool or silk. Leave the items buried for at least 24 hours to ensure that they are fully cleansed and re-charged.

  1. Smudging with incense, this is an ideal way to cleanse delicate and brittle items. Simply hold the item over any incense of your choice and let the aromatic smoke entirely cover the object; turn the object around making sure that no area is left uncovered. This method is very quick; it usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes to cleanse each object.

  1. Using another crystal method, you can place your items upon a cluster of quartz, citrine or amethyst to cleanse and re-charge your items. This is also another excellent way of cleansing delicate and brittle items. Leave the items on the cluster for 24 hours to ensure that they are fully cleansed.

  1. The running water method, you can cleanse your items simply by holding them under running water for a couple of minutes. This is a quick way to cleanse your items but may not be suitable for some items so please be careful.

  1. The salt method, you can put a circle of salt upon a dinner plate and place your items in the middle of the circle. This will cleanse and fully re-charge the items and is suitable for any item. I use this method for my delicate jewellery items and crystals. Leave the items for 24 hours to ensure they are fully cleansed and re-charged.

 7. Place the crystal in a solution of sea slat and water; allow the crystal to soak overnight. Remove the crystal and hold under cold running water to remove any salt residue that there may be.

 8. Hold your crystal above an incense stick. Allow the smoke to engulf the crystal. A couple of minutes are all it takes to cleanse a medium sized crystal.

9. bury the crystal in a tub of brown rice. Leave the crystal overnight. This method is good because it not only cleanses the crystal but it also energises it too. The rice turns negative energy into positive energy and can be eaten afterwards.

10. If a crystal has been severely neglected or overworked it may require healing itself. To do this simply bury your stone in the ground and leave for 3 to 6 months.