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Crystal Techniques

Energy Boosting

This is a quick and simple way to clear and boost you energy levels. Hold a Quartz point in your giving hand, point facing away from the body. Hold another Quartz point in your receiving hand, point facing the body. This is simply moving stale, negative energy out of the body and replacing it with healthy energy. It’s always a good exercise to do when you are feeling a little run down and tired.


Programming a crystal is essential for healing and only takes around ½ an hour. To begin you should be comfortable and relaxed, freeing your mind of everyday mundane things will make it easier to contact your subconscious mind. Hold your crystal in the hand that you write with and feel the stone, notice the shape of it, is it smooth, rough, large or small. When you are ready place the stone over your 3rd eye chakra, this is situated

in the centre of your forehead. Imagine pure white light energy pouring out of the chakra directly into the crystal. This can be difficult to visualise but with time and practise it will become easier. Let your subconscious mind tell the crystal exactly what it is you require, do you need healing or protection, whatever your desire is let the crystal know what it is being programmed to do. Your crystal is now ready to be used. Only program crystals that have been cleansed first.

Soul Linking

This is a good exercise for two people who wish to form a strong psychic bond with each other. For this exercise you only need 2 pieces of Rose Quartz. Both partners lay down next to each other, a few inches apart and not touching one another. Place your piece of Rose Quartz over your heart chakra and tell your partner to do the same. Stay there, relaxing for at least 1/2 an hour. After you have finished swap stones and carry it around with you always. It is also an excellent way of bringing lovers closer.

Giving And Receiving

Most often than not the hand with which we give out healing energy with is the hand that we do not write with. The hand that we do write with is usually the hand that receives healing energy. It is not always the case though so you should check which hand is which for yourself. To do this you will need Quartz point crystal. Take the crystal in your left hand, point outwards and gently move the point of the crystal over you right palm, keep the crystal about 10mm away from the skin. Draw a clockwise circle with the point over the right palm of your hand. Do you feel anything, is your palm hot or cold, do you feel a tingling sensation or absolutely no sensation at all. Now repeat the exercise holding the crystal in your right hand pointing towards your left palm. The hand that you can sense the energy of the crystal the strongest is your receiving hand. This is the hand that you should hold a crystal in to benefit from its healing energies. The other hand is your giving hand. This is the hand you must hold your crystal in if you are healing somebody else. From time to time the receiving hand and the giving hand can change places so it is always good to test the polarity of the hands at least twice a year.