Gemstone Encyclopedia



Improves visualisations producing crystal clear imagery.  Stimulates the liver and kidneys, helping the body rid itself of toxins. Strengthens our sense of self-worth whilst encouraging a deeper inner balance.



The fire stone, so called because it builds a fire in the loins, bringing a sense of courage and fortitude. It is a powerful healing stone assisting the colon, circulatory system, lymphatic’s, pancreas and the pulses.



Alleviates tension and stress. Helps with heart complaints and lung damage. This is a very good stone to diminish anger, hatred and guilt. Alabaster can also be used to energise other crystals. This mineral is said to unlock the secrets of the pyramids when used during meditation.



This feldspar mineral soothes the nervous system whilst giving strength to the heart and body, balancing the mental and auric body. Makes you feel good, uplifted, creative and gives perspective to your more harmful traits.



Helps those who suffer with absent-mindedness and asthma. Has a good influence on the endocrine system, spleen and heart.

Helps you find kindness within you and helps the mind to find its soul.




An exceptional blood cleanser and energiser. A very powerful aid to spiritual enhancement by bringing the lower natures to a higher consciousness.

Helps alleviate the pain of headaches and migraines.




Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and Citrine. Good for balancing energy and clearing negativity. Removes negativity from within the aura and fills the gaps with energising pure light energy. Removes blockages from the mental, physical and emotional bodies. Eases tension and soothes pain.





Helps us to communicate with angels. Dispels and calms anger. Enhances telepathic communication. Provides a strong barrier of protection around the environment in which it is placed, making it an excellent stone to carry.




Comforts in times of grief. Helps in the re-call of dreams and past lives. Worn by many people for protection against negative energies. Enhances the flow of energy and is often used as a talisman for protection by shaman and witch doctors.




Stimulates thoughts and creative ideas. Dissolves negativity and depression. Apatite has a very powerful balancing energy. Removes blockages from all major chakras. Stimulates the development of clairvoyance and clairaudience.




Encourages a calmer attitude, tranquillity and truth.  Reduces stress, fears, anxiety and worry. Helps to heal respiratory problems, particularly asthma. Helps one reach a strong meditative state. Provides us with energy when tired.




Produces a very intense energy. Cleanses the aura quickly. Removes all negativity from the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies. All the healing energies of quartz also apply.



Helps calm the nerves and reduce fluid retention.

Strengthens the kidneys, liver, spleen, thyroid and cleansing of the body. A great physical, mental and emotional balancer.

Inspires love, serenity and peace.




Promotes emotional and mental stability whilst stabilising spiritual development. Calms inner restlessness and nervousness. Place Aragonite in your bath water to relieve aches and pains.





This stone stimulates mental clarity. Clears mental, emotional and psychological blocks leaving us refreshed and fit to face the world head on. When bathed with it removes all pain and negativity.




Place these stones around the body to clear the aura of negativity, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to face the world head on. When used with quartz you can repair any damage to the aura, leaks and tears will close in around 20 minutes. Place quartz top and bottom and the aura stones to the side.




These stones have been empowered using the Sacred standing stones at Avebury. Each stone is empowered and will emit a constant soft gentle flow of strong healing energies. To re-charge the stone simply place on a windowsill, to get the cleansing energies of the sun and moon.




Stimulates muscle tissue whilst strengthening the blood. This is very much a brain stone, purifying mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Centres you whilst inspiring independence, well-being and health.




Assists the flow of energy through the nervous system, helping the body utilise its oxygen, strengthening the blood. Allows greater mental control at a higher level. Inspires creativity, intuition and well-being.




Emits a very strong energy.

Very much a spiritual stone, offering psychic dreams and spiritual awareness.

This stone is said to place us on the path to enlightenment



Increases intellectual abilities. Emits a strong healing energy. Detoxifies the body. Alleviates symptoms typical of severe stress. Used by shaman and high priests to provide an insight into ceremonial magick.


Provides a very strong healing energy to mind, body and spirit. Dispels and protects us from negative energies. Used widely as a stone of protection against spells, which are cast by the negative side of another. Very grounding.



Removes the build up of stale energy within the aura and the chakras. Removes depression and eases pain in the lower regions. Offers great emotional comfort in times of need. Gives a soft flow of warming energy.



Enhances physical and mental vitality by toughening and oxygenating the bloodstream. This powerful stone reduces stress, grounding you and inspiring creativity, intuition and spirituality.



Activates and energises the throat chakra. Illuminates the third eye- enhancing our psychic awareness. Greatly improves communication abilities. Often used in the treatment for throat disorders. Clears the throat of trapped stale energy blockages.



Associated with cleansing, harmony, protection, joy and truth. Produces a smooth flow of energy, which is very soothing and good for healing. Commonly used for the treatment of Arthritic conditions.


Stimulates the throat chakra.

Enhances creativity and inspires artistic expression.

Increases knowledge and the understanding of tarot cards, rune stones and other forms of divination. Place directly on the body to draw out pain and negativity.



Alleviates fear and stress.

A good stone for the kidneys, spleen and pancreas. Helps to balance male and female polarities which help         you to ground excessive enthusiasms.

Inspires joy and calm.



Alleviates sexual frustrations by enhancing the libido.

Removes all negativity and ease severe depression by inspiring a positive outlook to life in general. All the healing energies of quartz also apply.


A highly evolved healer, aiding the kidneys, lungs, liver and gallbladder. A good balancer connecting you to your inner self.

Improves concentration.

Opens your heart to receive love, joy, warmth and sociability.




A good stone for creativity and balancing energy. Assists the gentle attunement of the 3rd eye chakra. Clears mental blockages and emotional chaos.

This stone is a must for anyone who is involved in energy healing, Reiki and the Chios energy field system.



Found off the coast of Kalami, Corfu. The stones lay at the bottom of a cave that is known to the locals as cave Kristos. These stones have an intense energy and will greatly amplify the energies of other crystals so is excellent to use for Reiki, aura and chakra work.

A good all round healer.



Reduces stress by inspiring relaxation and peace of mind.

Accelerates spiritual growth by helping you to expand your creative expressions.

Reveals truth, reliability and the clarity of thought and speech.



Celtic Marble

Helps us to access unused parts of the brain. Often carried for luck and protection against evil and negative energies. Placed in each corner of a room Celtic marble will protect and purify that space.




Very useful for balancing the energy of the mind, body and soul. Increases mental ability and cures varying types of senile dementia. Removes feelings of depression and boredom. Helps to clear blockages from the chakras.




Cleanses and recharges the aura. Fills the chakras with a loving spiritual energy. Enhances clairvoyance.

A good stone for anyone who is going through some kind of transformation in their life.

Charoite is a good stone for healing heartache.



This is one of the finest stones in which to work on the 3rd eye chakra with, stimulating visions into unknown realms. Clears the aura of negativity and patches up any holes, leaks or tears. Place on any chakra to relieve tension and stress.



Inspires great awareness whilst dispelling negativity. Provides  an  insight   into the unknown. Encourages creativity and practicality. Carried by people of all religions around the world to protect and keep them safe from harm.



Excellent for period pains, pre-menstrual tension and other female related problems. Helps remove the pain of stomach ulcers and digestive disorders.

Alleviates guilt, tension and phobias. Inspires calm and personal power.




Cinnabar can be used to strengthen the nervous system, brainwave polarities and electromagnetic impulses. Promotes happiness and a healthy long life. An ideal stone to ease depression, pain, anger and unhappiness.




A good stone for the kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs, heart and for tissue regeneration.

Raises our self esteem and inspires light heartedness, warmth, hope and cheer.

Also said to attract abundance.




Eases depression, insomnia and aggression. Often used to activate and cleanse the crown, 3rd eye and throat chakras. Place a piece of Colpophiliam in the bath to remove everyday aches, pains, tension and stress.

Promotes safe travel.




Provides clarity for creative expression with in the spiritual realms. Cleanses the liver, by helping the body rid itself of toxins.

Lowers fevers and also regulates erratic heartbeats.




Raises self-esteem and restores energy levels when feeling tired. When used with crystals Copper strengthens the flow of energy. Aligns the subtle bodies giving a feeling of balance and peace. Reported by many cultures to a metal that brings luck.




Soothes the emotions and calms the mind. Facilitates intuition, imagination and visualisation. Coral is used by many healers to nourish blood cells and to stimulate tissue regeneration.




Helps us to maintain an awareness of the physical world. Soothes erratic emotions and increases the attribute of patience. Good when used with meditation to calm the mind.



Increases patience, tolerance to stress, serenity and peace of mind. Activates the heart chakra.

A very good stone for those who unfortunately suffer from M.E.



Enhances psychic dreams and visions. Used widely as a tool for divination. Helps us to communicate with spiritual beings. Protects us from entities penetrating the physical body. Stops bouts of fear and depression.




Inspires us to become more business like, level headed and strong whilst bestowing a positive attitude towards life. Calms nausea, cramps and vomiting. Alleviates skin irritations. Helps calm migraines and epilepsy.



A stone of great power that teaches unconditional love.

This friend to the seeker assists in deeper spiritual insight, introducing the higher self to the divinity within. Inspires love, prosperity, kindness, balance and patience.



Epidote is a good stone to combat dehydration and sickness. Used for the treatment of the nervous system, brain and thyroid glands. Provides great comfort in times of grief and sorrow.




Symbol of truth, innocence, love and faith. Carry this crystal with you to feel its soft energy, which is soothing to mind, body and soul. Free your spirit and capture happiness. Helps us communicate with Fairies and Angels.



Helps us stay rational and calm in any given situation. A good stress reliever, easing worry and depression.

Fancy Jasper collects all forms of negative energies so is an excellent stone to place near microwave ovens, mobile phones and p.c. s.



This Lava Rock is excellent for all aspects of Feng Shui. Lava Rock incorporates all the main elements, Air, Earth, Fire and water. Place in your home to remove stale energy bringing peace and harmony to your home.



Provides us with great inspirational thoughts. Helps one to over come shyness. Dispels negative energy whilst releasing a very powerful protective energy around the environment in which it is placed. An ideal stone to carry around.



A powerful healing stone.

It gathers and absorbs valuable nutrients, strengthens teeth and bones and is beneficial for blood vessels and the spleen.

A valuable tool for learning as it helps us to absorb information.



Helps those who need healing on a deeper level. Fills us with compassion. Promotes creativity and the appreciation of beauty. When used in channelling it can provide useful information about holistic medicines.



Promotes healing and stimulates the nervous system. Opens the pathway between the physical and ethereal bodies in order to allow for the alignment of energies. A very grounding stone, making sure your feet are safely on the ground.



Garnet regenerates the body system, especially the bloodstream, where it is also a good purifier. It is also strongly associated with the balancing of the sex drive and emotional disharmony. Inspires love, compassion and joy.



Helps us to attract compatible friends and lovers.

Enhances communication skills. Allows us the freedom to shape our own destiny. Assists  those  in  pursuit  of a career dealing with mathematics.



Girasol is known as a type of opal, which does not exhibit "fire" usually known to accompany opals. This stone teaches love and non-violence and is known to assist with renewal of the relationship between self and "All That Is". It is a stone of spiritual awakening and is used for activating the inner mechanisms of inner healing on the emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical bodies.



This mineral is one of the best electrical conductors and is often used by healers to enhance the transfer of energy. Graphite will align the chakras and can improve writing abilities. This crystal is excellent stone to make a healing tool / wand.



Strengthens positive traits and improves self-esteem. Green moss agate is said to help us communicate directly with animals and plant life.

Place a piece on a potted plant and  watch the  health  of the plant improve dramatically.



Stimulates and cleanses the heart chakra. Used in treatments concerning the gall bladder and the heart. Used to assist the transfer of energy during Reiki Healing. Increases spiritual awareness, wisdom whilst energising the body.



Found at the bottom of riverbeds high up in the mountains of Guatemala.

This Variety of Quartz is extremely powerful, their energies bring us balance, harmony and healing.



Hematite is beneficial to the oxygenation of the blood stream. It helps you cope with stress and times of difficulty. It is a very optimistic inspirer of will, courage and personal magnetism.



Helps us to fully appreciate the beauty that is within and around us. Eliminates pain, stress and depression. Gives us a desire for greater knowledge. Pulls artistic expression to the surface making us a lot more creative.



Inspires strength, courage and leadership abilities. Assists the body with the elimination of toxins. Supports spiritual growth. Clears and electrically recharges the aura. A good stone to place on the 3rd eye in a crystal layout.



Jades subtle and smooth vibrations strengthen the heart, kidneys and immune system, cleanse the blood and increases longevity and fertility. Provides divine unconditional love, courage, justice, clarity and wisdom.

Also considered lucky.



A powerful healer in itself, being efficacious to the liver and gall bladder.

Gives a sense of balance to the spirit whilst grounding you physically and emotionally.



Jaylite is the stone you should carry if you suffer with diabetes or hypoglycaemia.

Used for the clearing cloudy areas present within the aura.

Jaylite is one of the best stones to use whist meditating; it enhances the meditative state.

People often carry Jaylite to bring good luck.



Dispels depression to bring feelings of calm and inner peace. Aligns the base chakra to universal energies. Stimulates the awakening of kundalini energy. Reported to protect the wearer from harm. A witches favourite stone.



Stimulates the 3rd eye chakra bringing very powerful and creative visualisations. Promotes an understanding into ancient civilisations.  This stone will bring hopes, dreams and fears to the surface so they can be dealt with and released.



An excellent physical, emotional and mental balancer. Strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps manic-depressives by helping to open up the heart to receive healing.

Strongly enhances self-esteem.



This stones curative property affects the throat, especially the voice, by enhancing the creative expression of singers and orators.

Encourages devotion, truth, loyalty, serenity and pragmatism.



Promotes psychic abilities and occult powers. Strengthens and protects the aura. Alleviates rheumatic illnesses and gout. Reduces anxiety and stress. Promotes astral travel. Emits a very powerful healing energy.




A powerful teacher of psychic abilities and communicator with the higher self, inspiring greater creative expression and illumination.

Strengthens the thyroid gland and skeletal system to bring vitality.



An excellent healer of pain, especially headaches and back pain. Lavarite is also good for insomnia and stress.

Lavarite comes from the lava of volcanoes and is much sought after as a powerful healing stone for mind, body and soul.



This is a naturally occurring glass which is, actually fused quartz. Inspires leadership abilities and can be used to align and ground energy. For many years traders have carried this mineral to increase their profits in sales.  Place on the 3rd eye chakra to align chakras and remove negative energy.




A very powerful protection stone for children and animals. Helps us to communicate with our guardian angels and spirit guides. Stimulates fertility and stops nightmares.



Promotes spiritual transcendence and cosmic awareness. A good stone for insomniacs. Removes stress very quickly. Locates and removes energy blockages. Inspires openness and honesty.



Attracts love, luck and good health. Removes energy blockages and can be used to activate all the major chakras. People usually carry two lodestones, one to repel negativity and bad luck, the other to attract positive energy and good luck.



White, grey, yellow, brown; helps the motivation and realization of unrecognized thoughts and ideas. Assists in visualisation and imagery. In-stills peace during meditation; helps ground intellect and helps open crown chakra.




A very powerful healing mineral. Helps the functions of the pancreas, spleen, tissue regeneration, circulatory system and assists us in having good a nights sleep.

An excellent stone to balance the emotional and physical bodies.




Inspires the development of spirituality. Awakens ancient memories from past lives. . Removes all forms of negativity. Stimulates and illuminates the senses and the intellect. A very useful stone for grounding.




A meteorite that fell to Earth fifteen million years ago. A good balancer for mind and body. A gentle aid to meditation, aligning you with your higher self.

A good all round tonic for the body and spirit.




Removes stress to bring feelings of inner calm. Encourages wounds to heal quicker when rubbed over a cut. Gives us a desire for knowledge and adventure.



Brings ease to period pains and kindred disorders with its emphasis on fertility and child bearing. A good solid friend inspiring flexibility, nurturing and wisdom, whilst keeping the emotions in balance.



Stimulates the heart chakra. Enhances self-control. Controls the sugar level in the blood. Facilitates astral travel. Helps us to communicate with angels and spirit guides.



Scientifically known as an unusual alkalis volcanic  rock composed of four minerals: quartz, anorthoclase, nebeckite and aegirine. A black stone dotted with bright green patches. Offers unique and powerful energies. Strongly grounded. Activates remembrance of Light within cells. Draws light into the body. Expands consciousness and awakening. Who and What We Are - Spirit as Body.



Nephrite is a form of Jade and Actinolite. This stone helps to balance energies, remove toxins from the blood and is very helpful for those who get stressed very easily.

Many  tribal groups through out the world use this stone as a talisman for protection.




Keeps energy well grounded, clears subconscious blocks and brings an experience and understanding of silence, detachment, wisdom and love. A powerful healer for those in need, not to be used unconsciously.



Lay on the body to absorb pain, depression and stress. Only found just off the coast of Kalami, Corfu, Greece. The Kristos is picked from the seabed and sold to tourists, gem collectors and healers. The energies are very calming and will revive your body and soul.



Provides relief from stomach ulcers. Greatly reduces stress. An excellent stone to stimulate the liver, helping rid the body of toxins. An excellent stone to heal those who heal others. Alleviates repressed anger and jealousy.



This stone is good for balancing male and female energies. Strengthens bone marrow and relieves  stress by enhancing self-control. Clears away negative energy from the chakras and the aura.



Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain, which make us smarter.

Enhances eyesight, balance and intuition.

Inspires self-esteem, love, joy and happiness.



Considered to be a very lucky stone to carry and to place on all manners of gambling tickets. Promotes cosmic awareness and strengthens our will to succeed.



Opalite is an amazing new product that has the beauty of fire opal without the price tag! It has a fantastic mystical milky iridescent property making it ideal for scrying and meditation. Opalite helps us to concentrate on the earth and its natural renewal of resource which is important in the disposable world that we live in today.  Enhances  psychic abilities and can induce visions. Opalite is said to bring Angels close to you, this crystal will help you communicate with the Angelic realms.



Stimulates sensitivity, imagination and intuition. Helpful in-group work, helping to form energy grids. Helpful to the patient during a Reiki treatment helping the energy to be distributed evenly. Considered lucky by many civilisations.



Inspires truth and justice whilst promoting happiness. Transforms negative energy into positive energy making it a valuable stone for healing. Also known as Bornite this stone controls the flow of adrenaline within the body.



A good anti-toxin gemstone.

A good overall tonic for mind, body and soul. Reduces stress and accelerates personal growth. Stimulates the mind, inspiring creativity, new opportunities.

Banishes laziness.



Used by healers the world over to treat cancer, tumours and to encourage the growth of healthy new cells.

Using Petalite will bring calm and balance and will also help you connect very easily to the angelic realm, spirit guides and totem animals. Stimulates the throat chakra.



An excellent stone to use for grounding energy. Smoothes irritations on the skin. Stimulates thickness of hair if taken as an elixir. Helps with retrieving memories from past lives. Helps us communicate with nature on a spiritual level.



Used to multiply the energy of other crystals and to strengthen the protection barrier of the aura. Very useful when used in a grid system. Used for treating disorders of the kidneys, bladder, gout and anaemic disorders of the blood.



Helps with digestion and improves the circulation. Gives us a more positive out look on life. Gives mental and emotional enhancement whilst strengthening the will.

Inspires leadership qualities.



A very powerful dispeller of negativity in your own energy field and in the environment. Receives, activates, contains, amplifies and transmits energy.

Used as a tool for therapy, it is an excellent crystal for healing.



A stone of good fortune for all females, it enhances the delicate feminine qualities of ones nature and helps to calm menstrual pain bring feelings of joy and happiness. Used by many as a good luck charm.



Provides a spectrum of colour around the physical body. A powerful healing crystal. Helps us communicate with the spirit keepers of crystals. Rainbow Quartz is Quartz combined with sterling silver, this intensifies the energy.



Opens and activates the base chakra.

Protects against depression and negative energies.

Red Coral will dramatically increase your energy levels, remove mental and emotional blockages. An excellent choice for anyone suffering from M.E, fatigue or exhaustion.



Energises and revitalises, balancing energy, bringing serenity. Used often to activate other crystals. Clears negative energy from the chakras. Inspires deep love and passion. Controls and calms anger. For past life re-call use on 3rd eye chakra.



Stimulates the flow of energy within our bodies. A strong stress reliever. Transforms ideas into reality. Assists the process of learning so would be a good stone for a student to carry or place on their desk during exams. Helps the re-call of dreams.



Use this stone with Reiki, Chios and all other forms of energy healing. This stone will greatly amplify the energy being given when placed around the patient.

These stones are also excellent to attune with strong healing energy and can be carried by the patient in between visits to their healers.



Bestows passion, courage and will power. Helps us overcome emotional trauma. Helps you to cope with the stress of modern living. Enhances the memory and intellectual strength.

Helps with the circulation of blood.



Improves the memory, calms the mind, reducing stress and worry. Bestows confidence and enhances will power. A good all round healer of mind, body and soul.

Helps us understand life and the lessons we have to learn.



Helps to strengthen mind, body and soul whilst providing the body with a subtle flow of warming soft energy. Lights the fire of creativity within the soul. An all round healing stone that brings our spirit to life.



An excellent healer of mind, body and soul. Removes pain from the body bringing calm and balance. A stone of pure white light energy, which helps us, overcome obstacles in our way. Used widely to enhance and bring an understanding of spirituality



This stone of love inspires compassion and forgiveness. Helps release anger, guilt and fear. Eases emotional and sexual imbalances. Greatly increases fertility in females. This is a loving and gentle stone used for healing.



Preserves the body and improves  mental  health.  It is the stone of affection, passion and power. Removes obstacles and promotes tranquillity. A super tonic for the body and spirit. Encourages spiritual devotion.



A very powerful healer. It cuts through a lot of mental and spiritual blockages. Enhances the life force, stimulates mental activity and eases depression, transmuting negativity whilst enhancing communication.



Eases heart and stomach complaints whilst stimulating the pituitary glands. Activates psychic abilities, helping connect you to your higher self.

Enhances will power and the faith to make decisions.



Strengthens our will power and helps us to absorb information quicker. Used extensively in grid work. Inspires happiness within marriages. Sardonyx is a mixture of Onyx with Carnelian.



Natural chunks of smoothed sea glass. Promotes peace and tranquillity. Calms the mind and allows one’s creativity to shine through.  Provides a soft healing energy for mind, body and soul. Place under the pillow to treat insomnia. Take in the bath to treat depression and anxiety attacks.




Helps rejuvenate after the loss of fertility and sexual motivation. Improves elasticity in the skin. Relieves stress and enhances will power. A piece of selenite beneath your pillow is said to keep you looking youthful.



Coal is a mineral of organic origin, formed from the remains of vegetation which over millions of years has changed to coal. Coal is said to contain the stored solar energy of millions of years making it a very useful tool for healing. Coal will absorb all pain and negativity from the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and up-lifted. Coal will also bring good luck & protection.



Serpentine works on the heart and lungs, it helps to withdraw toxins from the body. Used by many as a stone to empower love and passion. When used during meditation serpentine will open your senses to the psychic world around you.



The pure energies of Silicon enable it to send, receive, amplify and store energy, making Silicon a priceless Gem among healers. Very useful for Reiki treatments and a useful aid to enhance meditation and visualisation.

A stone of pure power.



Cleanses all the major chakras when placed on top of the head for 30 minutes. Provides a good level of protection against all forms of negativity and oppression.

Stimulates energy and good health.




Strengthens faith in your higher self, releasing trauma, mental and emotional problems. Gives you a desire to change things for the better. A good amplifier of energy when combined with minerals and gemstones.



Encourages self-realisation.

Stimulates the flow of energy within and around the physical body. Brings purity to mind, body and spirit.

Helps us to communicate better and inspires leadership abilities.


Releases negativity trapped within the body.  Removes anger, fear and depression.  It is mildly sedative, relaxing you and a good balancer of sexual energy.  Enhances dreams and channelling abilities. Eases back pain.



Opens the crown chakra allowing for rational thought and creative ideas. Enhances ones energy fields and brings purity and balance to the body. Stabilises the movement of kundalini energy.



Promotes clarity and truth.  Alleviates fear, calms and clears the mind.  Enhances communication and insight.  Like Lapis the higher self benefits, enabling creative expression to flower.



Balances energy and inspires new beginnings. Provides a wealth of information concerning other galaxies and solar systems.

Much sought after stone used for healing those who heal others.



Purifies body, heart and soul.  Gives you strength to deal with difficult situations.  Heals mental and emotional wounds caused by anger, resentment and lack of love.  Removes energy blockages.



Removes negativity and energy blockages. Bath with Sulphur to alleviate pain and to reduce swelling. Used by witches the world over as a stone of protection, which is believed to hold a great deal of magickal energy.



Inspires independence, freedom and luck. Clears and energises the chakras. Helps us to contact spirit guides. When kept with herbs it strengthens the energy of the herbs. A wonderful stone to that promotes happiness and joy.




Swarovski crystal is not quartz crystal, which is mined and found naturally in nature. It is also not just cut glass. Simple glass does not have the brilliance or rainbow refraction. It is finest full cut and polished crystal with a high lead content, which accounts for its brilliance and refraction of light.

A true gift of love & friendship.



Stimulates the 3rd eye chakra, enhancing communication skills and psychic powers.

Tanzanite is a truly beautiful crystal and is extremely rare. It comes from only one place on earth, Tanzania.

Most of the supplies are bought by Tiffany’s of New York and made into exquisite jewellery.



Meteoritic glass from outer space which is said to promote communication with extra-terrestrial beings. Enhances fertility in both sexes. Provides a protective field around the aura. Used extensively as a healing tool by psychic surgeons.



Inspires loving relationships. Greatly enhances fertility in females. Said to prevent fainting when the body is severely weak.

Helps to treat deficiencies of calcium.  Emits a soothing healing vibration.



Tiger-eye is beneficial to the entire digestive system.  Inspires you to be brave.  A very grounding and balancing friend to the user, giving clearer perception and insight.  Emits a powerful masculine energy.



Tiger Iron is comprised of golden tiger-eye, red jasper and black hematite so the property values of these stones also apply.

An excellent stone to bring out your artistic expressions and hidden talents.



This lovely stone detoxifies the body and inspires an abundance of health by giving powerful assistance to tissue regeneration and strengthening almost every organ and gland in the body.  A valuable healer.




Inspires inner strength. Teaches us more about humanity. Helps to rectify psychological problems. Purifies the soul. Emits a very strong energy that is excellent for healing. Attunes us to universal energies. A truly powerful stone.



Believed to be the stone for those who wish to be connected to New Age consciousness.  Enables us to face change and new challenges head on.  A powerful healer of mental disorders.  Dispels fear and negativity.



Increases energy, wisdom and strength. A good protector from environmental pollutants.  Fights against depression. Stimulates the throat chakra. Greatly enhances creativity. Encourages past life re-call. A good stone to give for friendship and love.



This profound master healer helps    in   the    absorption of all nutrients.  A powerful protector against environmental pollutants.  Enhances creative expression, peace of mind, friendship and loyalty.




Helps us to fully appreciate the beauty that is within and around us. Eliminates pain, stress and depression. Gives us a desire for greater knowledge. Pulls artistic expression to the surface making us a lot more creative.



Promotes mental clarity, stimulates the imagination and enhances creativity. Ulexite is excellent for removing blocked energy away from the chakras and can also be used to cleanse a cloudy aura. When placed on the 3rd eye chakra this stone is said to bring visions and awareness to future events.



Enhances visions of the ethereal plane. Unakite is said to enhance a strong health pregnancy. Brings the emotional body in line with the higher forces of spirituality.




Cleanses the blood. Encourages the movement of kundalini energy. Emits a forceful and dominant energy. Helps to counter balance dizziness. Stimulates the energy of the first four chakras.



Eases heart and stomach complaints whilst stimulating the pituitary glands. Activates psychic abilities, helping connect you to your higher self.

Enhances will power and the faith to make decisions.



This crystal is the super activator of the heart chakra, providing stimulation and energy. Invaluable when used for the treatment of nervous disorders, emotional upsets and disorders of the heart and lungs.

A truly exceptional crystal.



Opens, activates and clears the crown chakra.  Stimulates the flow of energy whilst removing any trapped energy blockages that may be causing sluggishness. Fills any gaps in the aura with a powerful protective energy.



Agates energies promote love, abundance, wealth and good luck. A powerful stone for protection. Removes energy blockages, which could lead to poor circulation. Very grounding, making us fully aware of our status in the world around us.



Absorbs toxic pollutants from the environment and also releases toxins buried deep within the body.  An excellent stone to use for Reiki healing. Emits a very strong energy that is not for the fainthearted.



Calms the emotions and provides protection from insomnia and depression.  It makes one more pleasant and wise by strengthening the mind, and raising self-esteem.  Inspires truth and justice.




Inspires us to follow the laws of nature. An excellent stone to use when trying to combat insomnia. Neutralises acid indigestion. When combined with Ruby it amplifies psychic abilities. Helps us to communicate with the world of spirit.




Amplifies psychic energies, making it easier for us to communicate with the spirit world.

A very helpful stone when used with meditation because it creates altered states of consciousness.