Magick Stones

Place a Sunstone in front of a white candle to spread protective energies throughout your home.

Plant Green Moss Agate in plant pots and gardens to ensure a crop of healthy plants and flowers.

Place a piece of Amazonite on a bingo ticket, lottery ticket to attract gamblers luck.

Place an Amethyst under your pillow to chase away nightmares and insomnia

Form a circle of Amethyst around a purple candle to increase psychic awareness.

Amethyst carried by a man will attract female attention to him.

Form a circle of Aquamarine around an aqua coloured candle to strengthen psychic powers.

Place Aquamarine in your bath water to purify the soul.

Form a circle of Aventurine around a green candle to attract money.

Keep a piece of Bloodstone in your purse to attract money.

Form a circle of Bloodstone around a green or red candle to attract wealth.

Place a piece of Carnelian under your pillow to stop nightmares and to strengthen astral vision.

Place a piece of Crysocolla in a pink bowl full of mineral water. Place 7 petals from a red rose upon the surface of the water. Leave in a sunny window and true love shall find you.

Keep a piece of Chrysoprase in your purse to attract money.

Give a piece of red Coral to a child, as a gift to ensure their future health will always be good.

Place a piece of Quartz under your pillow to inspire prophetic dreams.

Place an Emerald under your pillow to induce dreams of the past, present and future.

Form a circle of Rose Quartz around a pink candle to attract love.

Place a Garnet in front of a red candle to produce positive vibrations, which are also protective.

Place a Geode under your bed to increase fertility.

Keep a piece of Jade with you to attract good health, happiness and wealth.

Place a piece of Jade under your pillow to receive wisdom.

Form a circle of Red Jasper around a red candle to attract good health.

Keep a piece of Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst with tarot cards, rune stones and pendulums. These stones will bring psychic awareness and will protect divination tools from negative vibrations, making the readings more natural.

Form a circle of Lava Rock around a white candle for protection.

Form a circle of Lepidolite around a pink candle to attract peace and calm.

Place a piece of Lepidolite under your pillow to beat insomnia.

Place a piece of Malachite in each corner of a room to attract great wealth.

Place a moonstone under your pillow to attract psychic dreams.

Circle your crystal ball or other scrying objects with Moonstone to increase psychic powers.

Form a circle of Olivine around a green candle to attract wealth.

Place a piece of Sugalite under your pillow to promote psychic awareness.

Carry a piece of Sulphur to absorb pain and negativity from the body.

Place a Sunstone with herbs to strengthen their energies.

Place a Tigers Eye under your pillow to dream of past lives.

Place Topaz under your pillow to stop sleepwalking and nightmares.

Keep a piece of Tourmaline in your purse to attract wealth.

Place a piece of Rutilated Quartz under your pillow to promote astral projection.


Place a loadstone on a bank note to improve a cash flow situation.


Keep a piece of Angelite in the car, your car will be protected by angelic energies.


Travel with a piece of Jade for protection and safety.

Place a piece of Moonstone or Black tourmaline in an enemy’s garden to render them helpless.

Place a piece of rose Quartz and Ruby under a lover’s bed to keep them faithful to only you.

Place a piece of Black Tourmaline or Moonstone in a jar with a piece of paper stating your enemy’s name, this will put them under your control.

Place a rose quartz or Ruby in a jar with a piece of paper stating a desired loves name and they will not be able to resist you.

Place a Loadstone on your cv and you shall have luck in your career.

Place a piece of Angelite on a piece of paper with your bullies name on it, this will stop them from bullying.

To cure fleas on you pet place a piece of Amethyst in their drinking water.

Tie pink or red ribbon around a piece of Rose Quartz and hang it from a window to find love.

To pass an exam carry a piece of Fluorite with you.

Rub Selenite over your hair to make it grow quicker.

Carry a piece of Watermelon Tourmaline or Rhodochrosite to heal a broken heart.

Throw a piece of Coral into running water and make a wish, it is said your wish will be granted.

To bring two people together write their names on a piece of paper and place it in a jar with a piece of Rose Quartz. Bury the jar and plant a rose bush over it. When the rose bush blooms so will the relationship of the two people in question.

Bury a Holey stone on your property to protect your home & family.

Place a piece of Sulphur and a pin in a small pouch to stop people from picking on you. Keep the pouch on a windowsill to catch the energies of the sun and moon.

Carry a piece of Sunstone and Tiger-eye to stop people controlling you.

Place seven small crystals underneath you door mat to attract health, wealth and luck.

On new years eve place a piece of Jade outside the front door and one outside the back door. Take them in on new year’s day and you shall have a year of luck.

Keep a piece of Coral in your pantry and you shall never go hungry.

Write your hearts desire on paper and place in on a window sill, place a piece of Selenite on the paper and leave it there for one month and 1 day and your desires will become reality within one year and 1 month.