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Customer Review

Lemurian Crystal
by: Maz

<p><font face="Lucida Handwriting, Cursive" color="#660099" size="3">hi leesa &amp; russ,</font></p><p><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#660099" size="3">just to let you know i received it just now! excellent!.</font><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#660099" size="3">and leesa, thank you for choosing it for me. i can wait to cleanse it overnight, and begin work with it tomorrow. </font><p><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#660099" size="3">aren't they something else?<br /></font></p><p><font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#660099" size="3">love<br />maz xx</font></p></p><div><font size="4">i'm so very proud of it. i cant stop looking and touching my beautiful crystal.</font></div>

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