The Aura


When you start to learn about and use crystal energy you should progress on to such subjects as the aura and the chakras, here we will learn about the aura and how important it is to our health.

The word aura comes from the Greek ‘avra’ which means breeze. Energy comes from the Greek word ‘energeir’ which means to work or produce movement. The energy is the living force-emanated consciousness.

As we know our bodies contain water, this in turn

conducts the electricity we have in our body. We have seven layers of the aura, which is sometimes called an electro-magnectic field. This surrounds the body and enables us to feel emotions; it also lets people see what kind of personality we have. It can even show how are health is.

On learning about the aura you will soon become aware that there are a lot of new channels / directions open for you to follow.

Working with crystals and the aura will bring you better communication skills and the chance to balance your life giving you greater strength and good health.

The aura is most often seen as a luminous mist, which surrounds the body. Sadly only about 5% of the population are able to see the aura, no one really understands why this is but it is believed you have a greater chance of seeing the aura if you develop you third eye chakra, this we do with crystals and minerals.

Its been proven that all

animals and mammals also have an aura but only recently was it discovered that plants too also have an aura.

The aura carries information about a person, past, present and future.

When psychics state that they can reads minds it is much more likely that they are infact reading the aura of a person and not their mind. The aura stores pictures of people and of places that have played a significant part in a person’s life.

If you are ill then this will

show up clearly in your aura, infact before you

even feel ill it will first appear in your aura. If you know how to take care or your aura then you will become ill less often because once you see a virus, infection entering the aura if treated quickly you can actually stop the illness in its tracks before it even enters the body.

Depression, allergies, fatigue and stress are just some of the conditions which you can free yourself from before even having any of the unpleasant symptoms.

There are so many possibilities open to you

once you have learnt how to work with and care for your aura. Many of the healers who work with auras state that they can not only see it but they can also feel it too.

Below is a list of colours that are present in the aura and just what the colours represent to us.

WHITE spirituality, incorporates qualities of all other colours.

VIOLET mystical, unifying, enchantment, charm and spiritual awareness.

BLUE depth of feeling, peace, love, affection and communication.

GREEN healing, teaching, endurance, perseverance and high self esteem.

YELLOW sunny, mental power, great knowledge.

ORANGE creative, artistic, expression.

RED passion, desire, vitality, anger, force of will, intensity.