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Fullers Earth Powder 1kgs Unbleached + Natural Detox

Fullers Earth Powder 1kgs Unbleached + Natural Detox

FULLERS EARTH POWDER This is for 1kg of Fullers Earth, provided in resealable, grip lock bag. ***Please...
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Fantastic product!
Reviewed by Becky from Peterborough, England on January 04, 2015
My son has been suffering with terrible nappy rash as a result of teething. I had tried all the usual tactics, leaving nappy off, sudocream, bepantham, and metanium. On this occasion none worked. Then my dad suggested fullers earth, as that had worked on us as babies. Within 24 hours my little boys bottom was considerably better within 48 it was pretty much gone. Totally amazing, natural product. Much better than using pharmaceutical products on young skin. I cannot recommend enough!!!!
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1st class product
Reviewed by Brian Kinghan from Craigavon, United Kingdom on August 06, 2014
On re-ordering this product i went from 100grms
to 1kg thats how good it is
Regards Brian
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Reviewed by Grassblade from N/A on April 23, 2012
Wonderful stuff!Great for your (or your teenagers,plagued by acne)complexion.
However DO NOT ALLOW TO GO DOWN YOUR DRAIN! It is,after all,a clay,what sort of mud is clay? pretty much waterproof that's what.'Lines your drains a treat.I've just spent a miserable sunday morning poggling it free...proper misery.
Wash it off into a bowl and think of a sensible,organic binning method,don't run it down the sink...end of!
Another wonderful thing...hindsight!
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)