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Stephanotis Botanical Perfume Oil in Atomiser Bottle

Stephanotis Botanical Perfume Oil in Atomiser Bottle

A simply wonderful smelling highly concentrated perfume oil Crafted using precious ethically sourced natural...
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magical transformation
Reviewed by Vivienne Tuffnell from ---, United Kingdom on April 28, 2016
Initially I was a bit disappointed with the perfume as it didn't smell much like stephanotis at all and more like a jasmine. However, once you wait ten minutes or so, the perfume dries down on the skin, and develops into something quite magical and as close to the scent of the fresh flowers as I've smelled since Culpeper the Herbalists stopped doing their Stephanotis perfume (and then vanished from trade too, boo hoo!).
So give this one a try on the skin and see how it develops with your skin chemistry.
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