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Carnelian Crystal Dowser / Pendulum

Carnelian Crystal Dowser / Pendulum

Hand-cut crystals attached to a sturdy metal chain, attached with a crystal sphere at its end. Each one is totally...
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Reviewed by Sybilla D from N/A on April 23, 2012
Lovely colour, the weight and balance are excellent, responds well to my questions and gives me clear answers! Very good value for the price, prompt delivery. Highly recommended.
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Reviewed by CINDY from N/A on April 23, 2012
Oh wow I do love this - it shines in the sunlight. I have programmed it so very well indeed. Thank you for the speedy delivery.
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Reviewed by Paul E. Montador from N/A on September 03, 2011
Fantastic Pendulum
Weight and balance are excellent, gives me the answers I need as I need them
Great Price, Great Shipping, Highly Recommend
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Very good

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