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Gold Pentagram Tarot Bag Drawstring Pouch

Gold Pentagram Tarot Bag Drawstring Pouch

Pentacle pattern emblazoned on a high quality Tarot Bag. With pull cords to keep your tarot pack safe. Suitable...
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Reviewed by Peter Rooney "Sepheryn" from N/A on April 23, 2012
I recently bought this tarot bag. It arrived very quickly, about a day and a half after I ordered it. If you live in the uk you could expect the same promptness of delivery. The bag itself is sheeny and looks lovely. The inside of the bag is a beautiful purple colour. The material doesn't look cheap, and the bag opens and closes relatively easily. The bag is at least 10cm in height (I haven't measured it), it would definitely hold any standard tarot deck and possibly a larger one. The deck I got the bag for is a miniature deck (cards about 2-3 inches tall). The bag is a little large for holding a miniature deck, but if you wanted to you could easily fit 2 miniature decks in the bag. I highly recommend this and i thank the Gem Tree for their great product and delivery as is always the case with them :)
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