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Healing Powers Boxed Set of 20 Tumbled Gemstone Crystals


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  • natural gemstones of high polish throughout
  • Healing Powers Boxed Set of 20 Tumbled Gemstone Crystals

    Each box contains 20 polished tumblestones selecetd for its healing powers.

    Full Colour Information Sheet is provided.

    Sodalite - For wisdom, nervousness & self-esteem. Balances metabolism, treats digestive problems. Combats insomnia.

    Unakite - For visualisation and meditation. Aids past life healing. Healing of abandonment and seperation issues.

    Rose Quartz - For unconditional love and fertility. Forgiveness and tolerance. Reassuring in trauma or crisis. Calms hyperactivity in children.

    Rock Crystal - For astral projection & psychic ability. Master healer. Attracts powers of light and energy. Brings harmony and balance.

    Moonstone - For hoping and wishing. Talisman for good fortune. Calms hyperactive children. Aids the pituitary gland and digestive system.

    Howlite Turquoise - For patience, insomnia and dream recall. Calcium levels. Treats stress, pain and leg cramps.

    Carnelian - For motivation, courage, stability and reality. Love of life, said to relieve depression, arthritis and nose bleeds.

    Labradorite - For spiritual purposes and transformation. Stimulates intuition. Regulates metabolism. Relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.

     Yellow Agate - Aids stomach, pancreas and liver.Stimulates the process of digestion. Enhances creativity and inventive mood.

    Lemon Jade - It attracts and enhances love of all kinds. For fidelity and generosity. Aids emotional balance, stability, lung and kidney problems. Jade is also the stone of abundance.

    Fluorite - For spiritual and psychic development. Treats colds and flu, alleviates arthritis, rheumatism and spinal injuries. Combats geopathic stress.

    Brecciated Jasper - For protection during astral travel. Aids communication with animals and can help with animal and other allergies.

    Orabge Calcite - For study, memory and spiritual development. Purification, removes fear and depression. Aids arthritis and increases energy.

    Red Jasper - For protection and rescue from danger. Strengthens and detoxifies circulatory system and helps reduce digestive disorders.

    Indian Agate - For meditation and a powerful healing stone. It gives physical strength and emotional security. It is also a good stone for protection.

    Snowflake Obsidian - For clarity, compassion and strength. Releases ancient traumas. Believed to improve the circulation and to benefit the skin and veins.

    Dalmation Jasper - Aids communication with animals. Gives protection from nightmares, depression and negative thinking. Boosts immune system.

    Green Turquenite - For balancing mood fluctuations and bringing inner peace. Helps bones, teeth, calcium levels and leg cramps. It also heightens creativity.

    Hematite - For self esteem, will power, confidence, grounding and divination. Said to relieve anaemia, leg cramps and spinal problems.

    Amethyst - For spirituality, peace, wisdom, courage and intuitive dreams. Said to relieve physical, emotional and psychological pain. Blocks geopathic stress, eases headaches and tension.


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