Litha Summer Solstice Sabbat Oil

The bottle contains 10mls

The Midsummer Sabbat or Summer Solstice (also known as Alban, Hefin, and Midsummer) is celebrated by Witches and Pagans throughout the world. Midsummer is the longest day of the year when the Sun is at its zenith, and consequently the shortest night. In many traditions, Litha symbolizes the end of the reign of the waxing year's Oak-King, who is now replaced by the Holly-King of the waning year (who rules until Winter Solstice). It is the ideal time for divinations and healing rituals.

Until now the God and Goddess have ruled supreme, they have imposed their will upon the kingdom without challenge, but now a somber figure makes his appearance. This is the beginning of the ancient pagan theme of the battle between the brothers; the light and dark kings now begin their conflict. The Dark king attempts to overpower the Queen; the child she bears represents the realm. They fight, light against dark, but at this time the sun is still at the height of his powers, and the King drives the challenger back. In his struggle, he overthrows the userper, but is wounded, and his strength begins to decline. The light still rules supreme, but a shadow has fallen over the kingdom. The God and Goddess remain at the height of their power, yet a new force - darkness - is awakening in the world.

Bonfire's representing the Sun, were lit to rouse love, purification, health, and fertility. Some witches believe that this day is the best for working magick. Tradition has it that on this day the Little People could be seen more easily than at other times. It is believed that the veils between the worlds, (like at Samhain,) are thinnest and the spirits of the dead pass through freely. Tradition has it, that if you accidently step on a St. Johns Wort flower on Midsummer night, you would be transported to the realm of the Fey.

Herbs common to this festival are St John's Wort, vervain, rose, lily, lavender, ivy, fern. Fresh fruits adorn the alter.


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