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100gms Premium Chinese Menthol Crystals

100gms Premium Chinese Menthol Crystals

100G PREMIUM CHINESE MENTHOL CRYSTALS Very nice premium crystals Chinese Menthol crystals have a strong minty...

By Fussy Miss on
I'm a believer in not taking drugs for colds and tend to hit the essential oils and menthol when I have the sniffles, so these were a real find for me. In the chemist, you can buy a teeny tub of these which last a few days and are gone, but this large pack has been used, better used and is still going strong, meaning an overall saving for me financially. Not only that, but the crystals are quite chunky meaning you can select just one of them and pop it in your oil burner with hot water, and it mentholates the whole room in minutes!
They work perfectly for helping to clear the sinuses, and I cannot reccomend them highly enough.

What I did with mine was to half fill the bowl of my electric oil burner with hot water, then drop one large crystal into the bowl. Leave the room for five mins and come back to menthol-clearing heaven. Have a tissue or two handy as the scent does clear out the sinuses quickly!

Another use is to pop a VERY small amount into a bowl of hot water, then inhale it whilst draping a towel over your head to keep in the steam. It's an old remedy, but it works, but use too much and they can sting the eyes. If your eyes are stinging, you have used too much menthol, so just tip half of it away and top up the remainder with hot water.

Altogether a great purchase and it's made my cold all the more bearable in the end! Pass the tissues someone!
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