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Angel Of Light Sacred Soak Bath Salts 60gms


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    The clear Glass Jar contains approx 60gms


    Use these wonderful Sacred soak  Bath Salts to remove psychic, mental & emotional negative energies that may have built up over a period of time. The salts are very healing and comfort those in need of love & support. Removing all stagnent energies will leave you feeling totally revived and ready to face the world.


    This is also a good one for using to clear Geopathic stress, for using in the house you would put a small amount of salt in a bottle with a spray top. Fill with Mineral water and leave out in the sun / moon for a day or so and then shake well. You can spray rooms when you feel the need.


    Sacred soak  salt blends are aromatically therapeutic & magickally charged to strengthen magick within & around you.


    Dissolve a small amount of salt in a warm bath & immerse yourself in the soothing waters. While you soak away all negative energies & stress focus your thoughts on the positive emotions of attaining and living your desires.


    I blend dead sea salt with epsom salts to ease tension and to relax aching / tired muscles. Sodium Bicarbonate is also added to soften the water and soothe the skin.


    We offer bath salt blends for you to use for a variety of situations:



    during your ceremonial bath prior to any ritual/spellcasting work



    *to use to obtain favour, request or prayers answered



    in order to alleviate certain personal feelings such as fatique, nervousness using aromatherapy



    My creations can be used directly on the skin - massage into the wrists and temples for instant effects, in the bath, or you can sprinkle a few drops on a ball of cotton wool and smell while visualising your desired result.


    All the ingreidiants are 100% natural and no synthetic compounds have been used, this ensures you a bottle of living quality oil and not a bottle of dead synthetic oil which contains no healing or magickal qualities at all.

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