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Andara Healing Oil / Energies Of All The Colours


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     Andara Healing oil

    The bottle contains 10ml of Pure Andara oil

    This oil is fantastic. The oil is soaked in 14kg of Andara crystals of assorted colours. The oil is left soaking for a full 6 months to mature. Whilst this process is taking place the huge container which houses both the oil and the Andaras is placed under a very large copper pyramid in my garden.

     A combination of natural and supernatural energies working together for healing, transformation and evolutionary change.

    This Andara creation can be used directly on the skin - massage into the wrists and temples for instant effects, in the bath, or add a few drops to an oil burner and let the healing energies fill the room.

    Andara crystals are thought to be the highest vibrational crystals on the planet because they contain Prima Matra which is a combination of 70 minerals
    Andara's are used to access to higher dimensions of conciousness. Andara's will open and cleanse the each chakra and will Detoxify any form of negativity. The healing vibrations are amazing, just out of this world. The Andara's will help increase your access to all Universal knowledge and will greatly accelerate your spiritual development. Andara's is one of the best crystal for giving one the ability to channel. Andara's are also perfect for healing.

    Andara crystals are ancient healing crystals that have been around for eons and are believed to have been used in the healing temples of Atlantis & Lemuria, but only now in recent years are they being recognised in the western world as a powerful healer and ascension tool for spiritual advancement. They are all Heliocentric which simply means they absorb and reflect light which is why they have become such a popular choice for healers and collectors the world only. There popularity is not only based on beauty alone. Its energies are very powerful and can be quite intense at times but you will always have a positive experience when using and working with Andara Crystals.

    Andaras are available in such beautiful colours due to rare trace mineral deposits of metal oxides found in the soil, trace elements such as Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Titanium, Gold, Silver and even Uranium, yes even Uranium which I must point out is not radioactive enough to be dangerous because the trace elements are minimal. I first came across Andara crystals when I was living in Santa Cruz, California many moons ago. I must admit though that I wasn’t a great fan of the Andara to begin with but they soon grew on me, I think I was put off more than anything by the fact that it just looked like a chunk of broken glass. I could feel the energy was quite something else though which is why I started to work with it and soon learnt that it was indeed a crystal in its own right and such a unique wonderful crystal at that. Now I just wouldn’t be without them and use them for healing, meditation, Reiki, Layouts & jewellery.
    Andara is a Volcanic glass that is found high up in the sacred Indian regions in California. It also comes from South Africa & also from Indonesia.


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    Reviewed by Catherine Price from N/A on September 25, 2013
    I LOVE this product! I don't know what oils she/he uses, but the smell is divine!!!!! This product is perfect for use at all chakra levels.
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